10 Finest Actuality Podcasts To Hear To After Watching The Actual Housewives


Dedicated Bravo fans can’t get enough of The Real Housewives. Here are some of the best reality podcasts to make them even more indulgent.

Dedicated Bravo fans can’t get enough of The Real Housewives. With so many amazing women and iconic storylines in every city, it’s hard for fans to turn the switch off when each episode ends. Fortunately, they don’t have to. There are plenty of podcasts Real Housewives fans can listen to throughout the week for even more tea on their favorite ladies.

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From the east coast to the south, these podcasts cover everything real housewives are. Some of these podcasts even cover additional Bravo shows and other pop culture topics that Bravo fans can enjoy as well. But one thing all these podcasts have in common, and that is a love for everything real housewives are.

10 Two judges

Kenya Moore in a yellow dress in RHOA reunion

Two Judgey Girls are moderated by Mary and Courtney. These two Bravo-loving best friends live in different parts of California but meet practically every week for Bravo’s sake.

They do a recap of every episode of Real Housewife that aired that week, along with tea floating in the Bravo universe. For fans who want more of Two Judgey Girls, they can pay extra to hear their extended episodes on Patreon.

9 Everything iconic with Danny Pellegrino

real housewives Potomac

Danny Pellegrino doesn’t just love Bravo, he loves all things pop culture. Unlike some of the other podcasts on this list, Danny confuses it between repeating Real Housewives episodes, Bravo shows, and interviewing Bravolebrities.

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Its detailed summaries of each show and its funny sayings (“Queen, Icon, Legend!”) Make Everything Iconic one of the best podcasts for Bravo fans.

8th Watch what breaks

The Real Housewives of Orange County-Kelly Vs. Vicki

Watch What Crappens is moderated by Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam. The podcast is one of the most successful pods on the subject of Bravo with over 1500 episodes, live shows, goods and much more. Listening to Ben and Ronnie is like talking to a best friend about last night’s Real Housewives episode. They are funny and ask the same questions as the audience.

With so much amazing content on Bravo, it can be difficult to find custom podcasts, but Watch What Crappens never disappoints.

7th Bitch Sesh

Bitch Sesh is one of the most recognizable podcasts on this list, following its release in 2015. It is hosted by best friends and actors / comedians, Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider who break everything down from Bravo.

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The two friends told The Cut that they never expected Bitch Sesh to be this successful, but it does prove how many people are interested in The Real Housewives and how popular these podcasts are.

6th Andy’s Girl: A podcast for real housewives

Andy’s Girls: A podcast for real housewives is moderated by Sarah Galli. What sets Galli’s podcast apart from the rest is its breakdown of various psychologies within the housewife world.

There is not too much recapitulation in this podcast. It’s more or less about why these women keep making the decisions they make. Andy’s Girls currently has over 200 episodes and almost five stars.

5 Bravo is the daily dish

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Top 10 Storylines, Ranking Barlow's Working Relationship

The Daily Dish is a podcast actually linked to Bravo. Two digital members working for the network, Megan Segura and Erik J. Mac, will host the podcast as they dissect The Real Housewives and other shows on their network.

What makes this podcast one of the best is that they get the inside information from Bravo executives while they are recording at Bravo’s headquarters.

4th Come through the queen

Margaret Josephs points her finger at the Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dan and Brendan are the hosts of Come Thru Queen, a podcast dedicated to the ins and outs of the Bravo world. The two define the podcast as “Two freaks talking about the Bravo movie universe, reality TV and more.”

With eight cities in The Real Housewives franchise, Come Thru Queen never comes up short. Not only do Dan and Brendan talk about the famous housewives, they also talk about other popular shows like Vanderpump Rules.

3 Hot takes & deep dives

leah mcsweeney in sunglasses Real Housewives of New York City

Hot Takes & Deep Dives is fairly new to the podcast world compared to others on this list, but shouldn’t be missed. Hosted by Jess Rothschild, fans can watch her hot episodes of Real Housewives and other pop culture phenomena.

With nearly 120 episodes, Hot Takes & Deep Dives has over 400 reviews, a 4.6 rating, and fun interviews with Bravolebrities.

2 Pink shade

NeNe licks the real Atlanta housewives

Pink Shade is a little slice of heaven hosted by Erin & Mary Payne. The two women hosted their own shows before meeting for the ultimate pop culture podcast.

Pink Shade dishes on all things Bravo (including Real Housewives) and similar shows on networks like TLC, Lifetime and more. The women split the episodes during the week, but also conduct exclusive interviews.

1 Juicy Ball with Heather McDonald

Kim Huger on the real Potomac housewives

Comedian Heather McDonald talks about all things pop culture and bravo on her podcast Juicy Scoop. When it’s juicy, Heather talks about it. Real Housewives fans can scroll through their shows to see which episode is dedicated to The Real Housewives, or to hear their one-on-one interviews with famous Housewives.

From interviews with Jill Zarin to trailer breakdowns, Heather does a phenomenal job as a fan but also interviews these Housewives stars like a curious pro.

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