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10 finest podcasts for television reruns

One of the biggest booms in the podcasting industry has been the massive surge in television rewatch shows. The concept of making a podcast covering a popular series episode by episode wasn’t initiated by the team behind The West Wing, but it was certainly popularized by them. And now there seems to be a podcast for every TV show.

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However, it can take a long time to sort out this abundance. In reality, only some of these shows are really great and the best tend to feature actors and crew members who have worked on the show and can provide insights and stories not heard before. This is how a replay podcast can really stand out from the crowd.

10 The darkest timeline

Tech-wise, Joel McHale and Ken Jeong’s podcast, The Darkest Timeline, wasn’t a show that revisited every episode of the community. It was more about what McHale and Jeong wanted to discuss or show them that they had several meetings with other friends at Greendale Community College.

There was still a lot to learn about community by listening, however, and in that sense it was an extremely edifying look at the full scope of the show (even if not every episode was fully accounted for). It still remains a rerun of the 2010s cult comedy and everyone would benefit from watching it.

9 I’m all in

The latest podcast on the list, I Am All In, comes from Scott Patterson, who played Luke on Gilmore Girls. Yes, the Gilmore Guys podcast covered the legendary Amy Sherman Palladino show pretty thoroughly, but it was still interesting to hear about the show over the course of the new series of voices.

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Not to mention Patterson locked up some of Stars Hollow’s stars for watching Gilmore Girls with him, including Sean Gunn and Yanic Truesdale. A reunion with Lauren Graham is eagerly awaited.

8th The west wing weekly

West Wing Weekly was not only one of the first Rewatch podcasts to gain notoriety, but also one of the few to have completed its run to date. In early 2020, Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway successfully covered every episode of The West Wing and have completed their pods since then.

They have occasionally reappeared in feeds (such as promoting the staged production of a West Wing episode), but the entire archive is there for anyone in the Bartlet administration to listen to.

7th Bonanas for bonanza

It was only a matter of time before the new watch format was satirized. Leave it to Earwolf and the team of Dalton Wilcox (Andy Daly), Mutt Taylor (Matt Gourley), and Amy Sleeverson (Maria Bamford) who have sporadically delved into the giant of the classic western Bonanza.

There have been few episodes of Bonanas for Bonanza, but when they come back there is sure to be some exhilaration. It’s easy to forgive, however, as Bonanza was over four hundred episodes. And it’s hard to imagine that too many people in the prime demographics of the podcast age revisit a western that began in 1959.

6th Right at the bottom of the hole

From The Ringer, Way Down in the Hole is another rewatch podcast that has completed its run and covers the series. For this show, Jemele Hill and Van Lathan re-watched and dissected The Wire (often considered one of the best dramas ever made).

In classic wrestling fashion, Hill and Lathan didn’t recap episodes just twice a week. They also cast superlatives, rated rates through academic lenses, and brought a much-needed sense of camaraderie into the format to cover a challenging program. It’s worth listening to as an accompaniment piece when performing your own new watch from The Wire.

5 Project Mindy

Another newer podcast on the list is Project Mindy. Project Mindy is hosted by Sneha and is evaluating The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling’s Fox-Hulu-Hybrid-Rom-Com series that revolves around her comedic personality. Each episode was a revealing glimpse into all of the beautiful aspects of the Mindy Project, from costuming to representation and beyond.

One of the best parts about Project Mindy? Because of this reversed title, it would make perfect sense to consider all of Mindy Kaling’s work. Maybe one day it could even turn into a Never Have I Ever show!

4th Speak Sopranos

Each week, former cast members Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa break up an episode of The Sopranos that usually more than doubles the length of the episode they watched again.

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So many high quality conversations and succinct commentary are provided on Talking Sopranos. The chemistry between Imperioli and Schirripa is second to none, and they obviously have the pull to speak to everyone on the show, including series creator David Chase, who can be notoriously cagey when discussing the program.

3 Bryce and Ren and Cory in the house

Sometimes a rewatch podcast needs to zigzag when everyone else is zigzagging. A lot of the shows mentioned so far have been hugely popular, but Cory in the House is not a series to immediately think of when considering which shows a Rewatch podcast would be linked to.

Bring Bryce and Ren and Cory into the house. Hosts Bryce and Ren have examined Disney Channel’s sitcom staples in more depth than anyone else may have dared. As they near the end of the short-lived Cory in the House run, there is no telling who will be knocking on 1600 Penn’s door next.

2 Fake doctors, real friends

There are two main angles a podcast can take if it starts with a new watch, and these angles are represented by the top two choices in the list. In the case of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, it’s a free-flowing, casual conversation that sometimes neglects to discuss scrubs in detail at all.

This is the mood that Zach Braff and Donald Faison have. As JD and Turk on Scrubs, they were great friends who loved to play around. That energy continues with the Scrubs Neuuhr as they can be more interested in discussing Star Wars or Netflix documentaries than the actual episodes. But it’s great fun to hear them (as well as Joelle and Danl) discuss anything they think before speaking to a call-in guest or a beloved Scrubs alum like Bill Lawrence.

1 Office ladies

The other important aspect is that which Office Ladies take on. The Rewatch podcast for The Office, hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, has its own share of tangent and eccentric topics. But for the most part, these are slowed down quickly and production is clean, organized, well researched and shorter running times are adhered to.

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Both angles are great, it’s just pretty clear that Fischer and Kinsey have decidedly embraced the medium. They immerse themselves in episode commentary, they reach every crew member they can think of, and Kinsey can often uncover their scripts and time-specific diaries. The high point of Office Ladies so far has been when they managed to get voicemails from every actor who starred in one of its most iconic episodes, “Dinner Party”.

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