A technology of younger Chinese language finds their voice by way of podcasts |


A generation of young Chinese people find their voice through podcasts

The advent of audio is helping young Chinese storytellers explore contentious social issues, but some fear that the medium’s growing appeal will spoil the fun. According to Fang Kecheng, an assistant professor studying digital media at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, podcasts have inadvertently received a boost from the deteriorating landscape of Chinese social media platforms, some of which have been inundated with hate speech, sensation, and promotional content Media in china. Read More

China Box Office: ‘F9’ exceeds $ 200 million, ‘Cruella’ opens quietly

Universals F9 won its third straight weekend in China, adding $ 8.9 million for a running grand total of $ 204.5 million, according to Artisan Gateway. The performance is Hollywood’s largest in China during the pandemic after Legendary’s Godzilla Vs. Kong hit $ 188 million there. Local ticketing app Maoyan predicts F9 will run out of gas in China at around $ 215 million – a large number but a dramatic reduction from the $ 392.8 million franchise predecessor The Fate of The Furious 2017 has earned. Read more from The Hollywood Reporter