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Bosch creator Michael Connelly podcasts “Wonderland Murders and Hollywood’s Secret Historical past” in Audible

Exclusive:: Michael ConnellyAuthor from Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer, switch to the world of podcasts.

Connelly is behind a new documentary podcast series that deals with the Wonderland Murders.

Wonderland Murders and Hollywood’s Secret Story It starts on July 1st on Amazon Audible around the 40th anniversary of terrifying crime. Connelly is the creator and writer of the series and is co-produced with Los Angeles Police Department killers Rick Jackson and Jen Casey (Returning From the Abyss) and Nick Gilhall (Slugfest) as executive producer.

Named after the streets of Laurel Canyon, the murder took place in a small drug gangster home that reflects time, confusing myths, and the dream machine of Los Angeles and the Americans. When justice works and when it doesn’t. And for the first time, the infamous “missing” witness untangles everything and puts the pieces together.

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Michael Connelly
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The podcast follows Scott Thorson, Liberace’s lover and best-known best friend, who is played by Matt Damon in the film. Liberal Bra in Love He is the ultimate con man or witness to the secret history of Hollywood and turns out to be a “terrible cunt” and tour guide for Hollywood’s dark cunt.

Though it happened in 1981, the aftermath of the Wonderland Murders spanned decades, with a twist on characters, details, subplots, and investigations that prove the truth is stranger than fiction. ing. Three unconvicted murders; Allegations of the bribed jury and corrupt federal agents. The crack cocaine epidemic was born. The Black Guerrilla Family, an investigator who is being investigated. John Holmes, the greatest porn actor of his generation, naturally understands the absurd claims of many celebrities about drug use. Boston Mafia Don. And finally, the story of a wealthy television evangelist who was meant to be protected by witnesses when he fell to the ground, was shot in the face, and died in a Florida motel.

Det is also presented. Determinant with Tom Langhe. Bob Souza, the chief detective of the elite investigative unit of the Los Angeles Police Department, Roberty Homiside Division (RHD), in the Wonderland case and author of Maris in Wonderland, a personal description of the case. In the course of the investigation, the investigators had dealt with thieves, thieves, drug addicts, porn stars and narrow-minded prime suspects who could turn the investigation against them.

Wonderland Murders and Hollywood’s Secret History The podcast is owned and produced by Miziker Content, edited by Terrill Lee Lankford, and contains original music by Eamonn Welliver.

“We are excited to publish this podcast on Audible. Audible is the company I have had a long and fruitful relationship with, ”says Connelly. “This podcast takes the audience behind the scenes of this infamous incident and looks at it from a perspective they have never seen before. If you think you already know this story, that’s a mistake. is. “

The deal was negotiated by Heather Rizzo for Michael Connelly and Diane Golden, Jen Casey, Nick Gilhall and Lawrence Kopekin for Mijikar Content. Kristin Lang and Jon Kurland negotiated on behalf of Audible.

Bosch creator Michael Connelly podcasts “Wonderland Murders and Hollywood’s Secret History” in Audible

Source link Bosch creator Michael Connelly podcasts “Wonderland Murders and Hollywood’s Secret History” in Audible

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