Bradford BID Launches New Video Podcasts To Assist Firms Get Again On Monitor


BRADFORD BID has launched a series of free video podcasts to help city center businesses get back on their feet and move forward after the pandemic lockdowns.

In the monthly videos, BID’s Business Engagement Officer Nikki Chadburn will interview and advise experts and specialists on key aspects of business support to help them overcome some of the challenges Covid-19 has presented them with.

BID manager Jonny Noble said, “An important part of our job is making the city center thrive and that means doing everything in our power to ensure that retailers, leisure providers, hospitality and service companies and the like have every chance have to get their feet back to life after the blows they have suffered from the pandemic.

“Our goal is to encourage people to come back downtown and rediscover what a fabulous place it is, but we also recognize that this has been an unprecedented situation and, in particular, many small businesses in particular have been overwhelmed by the rules and regulations and need guidance on where to find the support they need.

“We hope that by providing this free, easily accessible platform we can encourage them, and Nikki will seek to interview specialists who can help reassure them that better times are ahead.”

The podcasts will be posted on YouTube and details and links are available on the Bradford BID website

Ms. Chadburn said, “These podcasts cover various aspects of business support to help levy payers recover when they return to business.

“Each episode will cover a different aspect of support, including HR and hiring advice, labor law, training and marketing, with a number of interviewees on hand to provide advice based on their area of ​​expertise.

“We are keen to have Duty Paying Members tell us what help they need, and I urge them to let me know – via the Bradford BID website – what areas they would like us to cover and what questions they would like from us should. ”during these sessions.

“During the podcast, we’ll be talking about some of the projects we’ve developed and are working on to help them, like the LoyalFree app, which offers a variety of interactive city tours, encouraging visitors to spend more time here , and residents to rediscover some of the places they may or may not have been in a long time, and a point of sale for specials and discounts businesses may want to give to promote trade. ”

She said the first episode – already available – details some exciting new initiatives coming up, including a series of business networking meetings with guest speakers and a new task force to address some of the city center issues.

“We also organized some free training courses for companies and their employees, and one of the podcasts will be someone from Virtual College explaining how useful these are and how people can use them,” said Ms. Chadburn.

Details on the podcasts and their availability are published on the BID website and social media accounts as well as in the regular BID newsletter for taxpayers.