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Drugs Hat-Cardston-Warner Declares PPC Candidates

By KELLEN TANIGUCHI on May 18, 2021.

Brodie Heidinger will run for the People’s Party of Canada in the next general election

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The People’s Party of Canada has a new candidate to ride Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner for the 44th general election. Brodie Heidinger was born and raised in a hat and is happy to represent PPC.

“I was a little nervous but excited about the opportunity to represent the Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner constituency,” he said. “I was in politics or in the background and had been interested in it for several years. So it is a huge leap forward for me to be one of the faces of the People’s Party of Canada, especially for the Medicine Hat, Cardston and Warner areas. ”

Heidinger went through two election cycles on the board of directors of the Wildrose Party and was most recently communications director of the local Wildrose board in Medicine Hat.

He shares many of the PPC’s views and is proud to be selected to represent Maxime Bernier’s party.

“I think a lot of the PPC platform speaks to myself and I would hope to several others, but compensation, fairness to all provinces including Alberta, I think there is growing concern that Alberta is not getting a fair share of compensation and another one of them is foreign policy. We have to take care of the Canadians first, not just endless spending on other countries, ”he said.

Heidinger says he attaches great importance to getting the economy going again and being fiscally responsible for the Canadian budget. He says they need to cut back on the “crazy, thoughtless expenditures” made by recent governments to create the current national debt.

Heidinger, who represents the PPC, wants people to know that there is another option on election day.

“I’m overly excited and proud to be a part of it and to make people aware that there is an alternative to the conservative and the liberal, that there is another platform that takes the grassroots approach and just raises awareness the platforms of the PPC and the party as a whole, ”he said. “I think they have some really great guidelines that would benefit all Canadians and would bring a great government back to Canada.”

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