eight of the perfect rewatch podcasts to get nostalgic for


We’re never quite ready to let go of our favorite shows. We miss the laughter, plot changes, dramas, relationships, cliffhangers, season finals and the characters who kept us company for countless hours.

But how can you fill that nostalgic void in your heart and explore the depths of the TV shows you love so much? It turns out that entire podcasts are devoted to re-watching and discussing some of the best TV shows ever made. We talk about plot breakdowns, in-depth analysis, additional information, behind-the-scenes chat, unfamiliar stories, and much more. Some are even hosted or performed by show artists, writers, performers, producers, or crew members.

Whether you’re remembering Game of Thrones and The OC, or looking to catch up on some hot gossip from The Sopranos and The Office, we’ve rounded up the best Rewatch podcasts available to listen now.

Fake doctors, real friends

There’s no denying that one of the most satisfying aspects of watching Scrubs during his eight-year run (nine, if you dare count the failed Scrubs: Med School season that was originally thought to be a spin-off) is JD and Turk’s loving friendship was. But better than that was the public knowledge that the actors they portrayed, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, also became best friends in real life. If you’re missing eaaaaagle, the world’s greatest doctor, or playing Find the Saltine with your two medical buds, Fake Doctors, Real Friends is the podcast for you. During the lockdown, the two got back together to revisit the entire comedy series episode by episode, relive scenes and jokes together, tell behind-the-scenes stories and attract guests galore.

The wire: way down into the hole

The Wire is arguably the greatest TV show that has ever been shown on our screens. It is a brilliant and authentically brutal representation of life in the city of Baltimore, told from the perspective of the people on the street, the police, the docks, the schools and the press and the government. A show of this caliber deserves a really personal and analytical breakdown – that’s exactly what we get from Jamele Hill and Van Lathan of The Ringer on their podcast, The Wire: Way Down in the Hole. The title of the podcast is taken from the show’s opening theme song by Tom Waits, which is re-used every season as perspectives change – but if you’re a fan, you already knew that. Hill and Lathan analyze each episode to discuss broader implications and issues. They offer depth of character and delve into key scenes to give you new insights.

The west wing weekly

If a writer deserves his work meticulously broken down on a podcast and discussed in conversation, then it is the king of fast-paced dialogue and great speeches, Aaron Sorkin. The great screenwriter’s work is perhaps best loved by fans at the West Wing from 1999-2006. The West Wing Weekly podcast is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and cast member Joshua Malina (who played Will Bailey) and features the usual episode-by-episode discussion. However, it set the tone for the success of podcasts hosted by the cast that provided behind-the-scenes analysis that fans longed for. The show includes guest appearances by Sorkin himself and cast members like Martin Sheen (President Bartlett!), Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford, as well as veteran government officials and academics.

Welcome to the OK bitches!

In the best possible way, the title really says it all. Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke (Summer and Julie on the show) are hosted by real friends and former co-stars. Welcome to OK, Bitches! is here to fill that nostalgic California hole in your heart and give you yet another reason to repeat the unstoppable teen drama of The OC. The early 2000s are back when Bilson and Melinda go through and discuss the show episode of the episode. The show’s creator, Josh Schwartz, was previously on the podcast, and many cast members promised to join in as well. Cue the piano intro – you know that.

Binge mode: Game Of Thrones

We have no doubt that Binge Mode: Game of Thrones has forever set the bar for podcasts for rewatching TV shows. The podcast, hosted by Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion, delves (and we mean deeply) into each episode, discussing theories, history, characters and topics. The show became the ultimate homework assignment for anyone waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones. In addition to having an encyclopedic knowledge of the show, the couple bring an in-depth understanding of the books – which helps a lot for those of us who love to watch TV for hours but don’t bother to get it into the best-selling George RR Martin manuscripts. If you’re that inclined, Rubin and Concepcion also ran binge-fashion breakdowns for Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Office ladies

The world was never really ready to say goodbye to the US version of The Office. These days the internet is predominantly inhabited by memes and clips from the show as it continues to break streaming records thanks to those who either watch it endlessly or others fortunate enough to discover and enjoy for the first time. Thanks to cast members and real life best friends Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, Office Ladies is your new comfort blanket to help you remember one of the most popular sitcoms ever made. The couple who played Pam and Angela on the show are here to, with the help of crew and co-stars, spread the office gossip you have longed for and may eventually stop you from looking online for more show – Look for mishaps.

The good place: the podcast

If you were a fan of the half philosophy class and half heartwarming sitcom that The Good Place was, then we have the perfect fork for you. The Good Place: The podcast, hosted by cast member Marc Evan Jackson (who played Shawn on the show), discusses the show episode by episode, full of people involved in its creation, mixing actors, writers, creators, and more Crew members and special guest stars. No spoilers if you haven’t seen it before, but there are some pretty wild twists and turns on this show that have rocked its fan base many times – you might want to hear some things discussed by the Mittenden? Best of all, if you saw this podcast early on, it ran alongside the sitcom when it aired. This gave us the kind of in-depth analysis we’ve come to expect from Rewatch podcasts, with the immediacy of the Reddit thread that you run to after the credits to dispel your feelings about the episode.

Speak Sopranos

While we are all patiently waiting for The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel film to The Sopranos that will hopefully be released sometime next year, we have found the definitive Rewatch podcast, which covers one of America’s greatest gangster stories, ever told. If you still haven’t recovered from that infamous black cut and are still missing one of television’s best antiheroes, let co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa guide you through it episode by episode with their Talking Sopranos podcast. The couple who played Christopher Moltisanti and Bobby Baccalieri in the HBO drama immerse themselves in every episode, chatting behind the scenes and with insights from cast members, producers, production teams, and special guests. It also has conversations about their own life and friendship.

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