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GROW: Niki Jabour’s 7 Should-Have Gardening Podcasts | Native life | Existence

Podcasts are a convenient and easy way to get inspiration and learn something new. And with thousands of gardening podcasts available for those who love plants, there is no shortage of choices. Personally, I am a big podcast fan who attends to my favorites in the grocery garden while cooking, driving, cleaning or working in my garden. Here are some of the standout gardening podcasts on my playlist.

Margaret Roach is an award-winning writer, columnist for the New York Times, and host and creator of the popular podcast A Way to Garden.

A path to the garden with Margaret Roach

One of the most popular gardening podcasts from Margaret Roach, an award-winning writer and columnist for the New York Times. It covers a variety of gardening topics with recent episodes about dreaming of a new heirloom garden, carrots, and shopping for starting lights.

Every conversation with their guests is thoughtful, insightful, and lively, and I often find myself nodding a dot or laughing out loud.

The Food Garden Life Show with Steven Biggs and Emma Biggs

This award-winning show is hosted by Toronto-based Steven Biggs and his 15 year old daughter Emma. Steven is the author of Growing Figs in Cold Climates and Growing Lemons Where You Think You Can’t, and gardening with Emma, ​​which he co-authored with Emma. Her radio show and podcast celebrate food, garden, family and community.

I love to hear their interviews, which usually focus on food gardening topics like no-dig gardening, growing tomatoes and planting companions.

Steven and Emma Biggs produce the Food Garden Life Show podcast.

The Grow Guide Podcast with Dave Hanson and Maggie Wysocki

The Grow Guide Podcast is fun with veteran gardener Dave Hanson and rookie gardener Maggie Wysocki interviewing guests and talking about plants. Dave is the owner of Sage Garden Greenhouses in Winnipeg and grows all kinds of crops, including tropical food crops like cinnamon and nutmeg. Maggie is a dedicated vegetable gardener and has created a productive homestead garden on her Manitoba property for the past several years.

Epic gardening with Kevin Espiritu

Epic Gardening is a daily podcast from urban gardening expert Kevin Espiritu and offers bags of gardening wisdom in less than 10 minutes. The topics vary widely from indoor plants to pests and food gardens to fruit trees. He speaks to experts from around the world to expand his knowledge and that of his listeners. It’s always fun and quick to listen with useful information to use in my garden.

The Joe Gardener Show with Joe Lamp’l

Joe Lamp’l is the longtime host of the Emmy Award winning PBS show Growing a Greener World and continues that work with The Joe Gardener Show. This weekly podcast is aimed at improving your gardening knowledge and skills with practical tips and information. The focus is on organic and food gardens, but Joe also covers topics like native plants, pollinators, and trees.

Help gardeners grow with Donna Balzer

Donna Balzer is a bestselling author, speaker, and journalist who is passionate about supporting and encouraging home gardeners. Her podcast gives her another opportunity to continue this work with a focus on the vegetable garden.

Donna is very knowledgeable about food growing and always experiments in her own backyard in British Columbia. In the podcast, she covers topics like soil maintenance, greenhouses at home and growing unusual plants like saffron, loofah pumpkins and citrus fruits.

Green nudes with Mark Cullen and Ben Cullen

Mark Cullen doesn’t need an introduction to Canadian gardeners as he has been teaching us how to garden for decades. He has written over 20 books, including his latest book Escape to Reality with his son Ben.

With Green File, Mark and Ben, the founders of Cullens Foods, discuss gardening, food and environmental issues. Recent episodes examine the popularity of bird watching, the importance of native plants, and the benefits of planting trees.

Niki Jabbour is the bestselling author of three gardening books and a two-time winner of the prestigious American Horticultural Society Book Prize. Her latest book, Growing Under Cover, is out now.


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