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Keith Hunter urges Tories to appropriate “untruths” within the PPC election race

The candidate for the police and forensic detective of Labor, Keith Hunter, has called on his later Conservative opponent to denounce the statements of the man who was supposed to stand against him.

Craig Ulliott announced dramatically as a conservative PCC candidate on Wednesday – just days before the deadline for formal nominations.

In a statement, a Conservative party said he resigned on “personal reasons”.

The move followed questions about his alleged links with the Humberside Police Department, which Mr Ulliott failed to answer during a series of live sessions he hosted on his Facebook campaign page.

After repeatedly highlighting his 12 years of “frontline policing” with the power of campaign material from last February, it now turns out that he was just a volunteer special police officer.

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Craig Ulliott on his PCC candidate run last year

He also campaigned extensively on operational police issues, including a commitment to set up a special task force of officials to fight rural crime.

However, by law, PCCs are not allowed to participate in the daily operations of a force.

During Facebook meetings, Mr Ulliott also declined to detail his other professional background, despite claiming sufficient corporate governance experience to oversee PCC’s £ 210 million annual budget.

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During a campaign extended by the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Ulliott was publicly endorsed by several local Conservative MPs including David Davis, Graham Stuart and Sir Greg Knight. He also featured a photo of himself with Home Secretary Priti Patel in a social media campaign post.

In a press release, Mr Davis said he has known him for “several years,” adding, “His background in frontline policing, leadership and management of the private sector makes him an ideal candidate for the police and police role Crime Commissioner. “

Now, Mr. Hunter has given a challenge to anyone selected as the new Conservative candidate ahead of the May 6 election.

Keith Hunter

He said, “I don’t welcome any distraction from the issues of how we ensure the Humberside Police continues to improve and how we better bring partners together to achieve what our communities want, to feel safe, and to be safe be. They are. ” important topics.

“After more than a year of campaigning, however, Craig Ulliott resigned on the sidelines of the PCC election for obscure reasons, and voters are being presented with a last-minute substitute who is not preparing for this important role.”

“After five years of carefully rebuilding our local reputation for police literacy, there is a risk that this episode will shed new light on our region for the wrong reasons.

“This is not the level of competence our communities or our police force deserve.

“We should all face the challenge of rebuilding lost trust in the political process. Dishonesty must be addressed directly and without fear.

“A number of people have raised serious concerns about this situation which I will investigate further. However, when I begin reviewing the information I now have in my possession, it has been found that Mr. Ulliott has no idea what the nature of his Rolle had applied or didn’t care if what he said was actually true.

Craig Ulliott with Home Secretary Prit Patel in a campaign poster

Craig Ulliott with Home Secretary Prit Patel in a campaign poster

“He made a number of operational promises, directed the deployment of officers and the formation of teams that are entirely within the chief constable’s jurisdiction, and made statements about my tenure that are simply not true.

“For example, he said I made a direct decision to limit the opening hours of some police stations. This is a Chief Constable business and something I was not involved in at all.

“These false statements, which are already circulating, could still have a direct impact on the voting intentions of the public and must be called for what they are.

“Anyone who replaces him as a Conservative candidate must publicly correct these falsehoods, make it clear that operational matters do not fall within the purview of this strategic role, and make it clear that they reject Mr. Ulliott’s false promises.”

The new Conservative candidate is expected to be announced in the next few days.

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