Navigate simply by Google Analytics, advertisements and different Google apps with this 10-course bundle


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As a technology company, Google has an app for almost everything.

There’s Gmail, Google Docs, Google Analytics, and Google Ads: the list includes all the applications that Google invented to make your work life a little easier. Every savvy business manager knows that Google is part of the equation for better business, but knowing how to use all of these apps seamlessly is a different story. Fortunately, the complete Google Master Class Bundle solves that problem for you: for just $ 39.99, you can learn how to use all of these apps like a true Google pro.

The package contains 10 detailed courses that explain how to use different apps in Google Suite such as: B. Google Analytics, and how to understand these analytics in Google Data Studio. While more than half of the courses are aimed at getting the most out of Google Analytics for businesses, users also learn how to increase productivity through apps like Gmail and Google Docs. The package even includes a course to certify in Google Analytics, which could pave the way for a successful career in digital marketing.

All 10 courses offer strong ratings of 4.4 out of 5 stars or better and have very experienced instructors with impressive ratings. Get Google Doc productivity tips from Laurence Svekis, a Google development expert and technology expert who has created real solutions for businesses of all sizes. You will learn about Google Ads from Isaac Rudansky, founder of AdVenture Media, a digital advertising agency in New York. All in all, you are in good hands throughout the course work as each topic is led by an expert on the particular tool or technique.

The Google Suite is the perfect platform for any online business and has all the tools you need to develop and grow your business for optimal success. The full Google Master Class Bundle provides the keys to the GSuite Kingdom and is available for a limited time for $ 39.99. This corresponds to a discount of 97% compared to the actual value.