New York Instances rejects two bogus podcasts for racial slurs – Deadline


The New York Times cut ties with two reporters who had produced some of their best-known work over the past three years.

Editor-in-chief Dean Baquet and editor-in-chief Joe Kahn posted memos on Friday detailing the departures of Donald G. McNeil Jr., a science correspondent who covered the pandemic, and Andy Mills, a producer of the Caliphate podcast, who was a false source used, were revealed.

Both appeared to survive exposure to previous misconduct. But an uproar from the Times staff and those outside the organization made their continued employment unsustainable.

McNeil said he used a “racist bow” during a Times-sponsored field trip with students in 2019. Mills caused great embarrassment to the media giant when the Caliphate podcast series relied largely on claims made by a man unrelated to the Islamic State.

Baquet and Kahn wrote that McNeil “did a lot of good coverage over four decades,” but added that “this is the right next step.”