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Okiano Advertising and marketing – Automate Google Advertisements Promotion and PPC Administration for Ecommerce

The e-commerce sector has grown rapidly in recent years as more people shop online than visit brick and mortar stores. This growth and transformation reached a whole new level during Covid-19 as more and more offline retailers shifted their focus to e-commerce in order to reach their target audience.

As a result, the online retail space is more crowded and frightening than ever. The traditional PPC campaigns and the traditional way of structuring and creating will not give you an edge over the competition or the results you want. Using advanced technology with proven results is key to staying competitive.

Here is Okiano Marketing eCommerce PPC Management comes into the picture. Okiano is the only company to offer advanced AdWords automated management services that leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It creates results-driven search ad campaigns that convert while delivering a better return on advertising spend (ROAS) and click-through rate (CTR). Have you spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on Google Ads without getting the results you wanted? Are you sure your ad campaigns are tactically optimized for better click-through rate and ROI?

If you answered yes or no to the above questions, you need the power of marketing automation offered by Okiano Marketing. The only purpose of creating Google Ads is to reach your target audience and increase ROI while keeping ad spend as low as possible.

Are your ads still converting as they drive traffic and get leads? Many factors contribute to a seamless user experience that translates into higher sales. Constant analysis of ad performance, ad performance, finding and using the right keywords, optimizing ads for better user experience, and improving CTR is required.

Okiano Marketing’s technology combines the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to replace tedious PPC activities while creating high quality Google Ads campaigns. Okiano has served more than 10 million ads and counted them in different categories for online stores to improve profitability while significantly reducing ad spend.

How can the automated AdWords management by Okiano Marketing help?

Effective and convertible ads

Okiano Marketing’s Google Ads Management Services creates effective ads that are converted using keywords that are known to drive traffic and engage end users. The automated technology creates optimized and results-oriented ads, monitors their performance, selects relevant ads and makes the necessary improvements to positively influence sales, traffic and overall sales.

Optimized landing pages

Having a high Quality Score for the Keywords Ad Landing Pages is essential, and optimization is critical to increasing conversion rates. Okiano Marketing’s technology-based automated AdWords management selects the most relevant landing pages for business and improves the user experience by rotating available ads as needed for maximum results.

Automated and accurate split tests

The key to positive results on data-centric and competitive platforms is to test different approaches to land on the strategy that works. Okiano Marketing’s automated AdWords management performs A / B tests on multiple variables to optimize and reduce ad spend while increasing the return on ad spend (ROAS) by over 100 percent.

In competitive online marketing, if you are creating google ads to attract leads and sales, you can’t create an ad and keep your fingers crossed for sales. You need a data-driven approach to get results, and Okiano’s Google AdWords Management Services does just that.

Rotating ad strategy

In an ever-evolving e-commerce market, it is imperative for online merchants to monitor, modify, improvise, and develop constantly-functioning ads. As an ecommerce retailer, you cannot settle for your Adword campaign as it would only put your money and the goals of your campaign at risk.

The market is competitive and it can be difficult for most online merchants to keep up with changing trends, consumer behavior, and dynamic Google Adwords metrics. Okiano’s technology rotates ads for maximum impact, conversion and return on ad spend.

Advantages of the automated AdWords administration from Okiano

Whether you are a PPC professional looking to bring better results to your customers or an ecommerce retailer looking to generate more sales, creating ads that get conversions is important. Okiano uses AI technology to automate the AdWords campaign while ensuring that all the right ingredients are used optimally for greater profitability. Here are some of the benefits it offers –

  • Seamlessly create great, engaging, and optimized high quality Google ads.
  • You can reduce your PPC costs with Google AdWords Management Services from Okiano.
  • Significantly increase sales and revenue with Google Ad Campaigns with AI support.
  • Thanks to Okiano’s automated AdWords administration, the ROAS can be increased by 180 percent on average.
  • AI technology helps reduce click costs, improve conversion rates and improve ROAS. Spend less and earn more with Okiano’s AI-powered AdWords management services.
  • Supports and works with all major ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and others.
  • Provides stable, consistent, and reliable results through AI-powered Google Ads as AI is constantly learning and improving for better results.
  • Highly scalable product due to its automated mechanism for onboarding, advertising and creating advertising campaigns.
  • Attracts relevant and targeted traffic, which contributes to better branding, brand awareness, more visibility and better organic ranking.
  • Okiano’s Google AdWords Management Services drastically reduce the bounce rate through highly innovative Google ads that appeal to users’ interests and weaknesses.
  • You create ads that “YOU” think will appeal to your target audience. Okiano’s technology helps create ads using data that is precisely tailored to the intentions and expectations of end users, helping to increase sales and revenue. It also helps to get a higher AD Quality Score and extend the session duration on the money side.
  • Okiano’s platform is easy to use and saves time and effort on day-to-day PPC work.
  • There are no installation or onboarding fees for Okiano’s Google AdWords administration services.
  • Okiano’s technology-based automated AdWords management is much cheaper than traditional marketing.

Adapting to changing market trends and employing the latest and most advanced technologies to improve business efficiency and profitability is the key to constant growth in a competitive marketplace. If you are spending a lot of money on PPC campaigns without getting the results you want, or if you feel that your PPC campaigns are neither creative nor optimized enough, take advantage of Okiano Marketing’s Google AdWords Management Services. Scale your online retail business in terms of reach, sales, traffic and online visibility by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning that Okiano’s revolutionary technology solution brings to the creation and management of Google Ads.

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