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PPC vs. DDC Reside Rating Palmerstone vs. Darwin Cricket Membership XI Play Darwin T20 Scorecard Toss Winner

The brand new season of Darwin T20 2021 preserves the pathos of all cricket enthusiasts with all their immensely great games. The league wins the group with their enormous shows on the streets. All the games blew all the spectators away with all the great cricket action. Well, this final 20-over tournament is played in round robin format. The league began on May 13, 2021 and will be the third game between PPC and DDC so far. In the final game we will see Palmerston Cricket Club do in their first competition against Darwin Cricket Club.

Well, PPC’s third game against DDC will be played in Gardens Oval, Benalla. This is the second game after the WCC against the SDC that will take place on site. According to reports from the last game, it was cheaper for the batsmen. It looks like the field of play is going to be getting a massive score for team play in the first innings. In the first inning of the upcoming face-off, a score over 180 will be accepted. There are no signs of weather disruption between games.

  • League: Darwin T20 2021
  • Teams: PPC versus DDC
  • Venue: Gardens Oval, Benalla
  • Date and day: May 27, 2021, Thursday
  • Timings: 1:30 PM IS

As of now, the Darwin Cricket Club holds the thrones of the points table. The team succeeded in their first game and now faces Palmerston Cricket Club for the second time. The team is expected to succeed in conquering the team and dominating the second game as well.

Play Darwin Cricket Club XI: To be updated soon

During the visit to the Palmerston Cricket Club, the team will get their feet wet in the tournament. The team will compete against the championship leader. Well, the team has to perform well from the start of the game or they’ll be in a tight corner. The team consists of high octane players who can change the outcome of the game at any time.

Play Palmerstone Cricket Club XI: To be updated soon.

Well, Darwin Cricket Club has a hand in the game that could benefit the team. While Palmerston is set to play its opening game, the team may face some difficulties. Even so, we have to go to the end of the game to know the winner. Stay connected with Social Telecast for all PCC vs DCC Live Score updates.

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