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SaaS Alerts hires Kaseya, Thrive Networks veteran Jim Lippie, as CEO

Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts

SaaS Alerts has hired Jim Lippie, a veteran of Kaseya and Thrive, as CEO. This has been confirmed by the provider of a uniform monitoring and alerting platform for startups.

SaaS Alerts is specially designed for MSPs who want to monitor, protect and monetize SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Salesforce Cloud CRM, Box, Dropbox, Slack and more. The SaaS Alerts platform can monitor and alert potential security vulnerabilities in these platforms. In addition, MSPs can use SaaS Alerts for free in their own organizations.

Previously, Lippie was General Manager and Senior VP at Kaseya, the provider of MSP-centric IT management platforms. Previously, he was President and CEO of Thrive Networks (now simply known as Thrive), one of the first MSPs to be acquired on a large scale.

Jim Lippie joins SaaS Alerts: Executive Perspectives

Lippie’s move to SaaS Alerts brings him back together with co-founders Chip Buck and Seth Bostock. The trio previously built IndependenceIT, a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) provider, which ultimately joined CloudJumper and then integrated itself into NetApp.

Charles “Chip” Buck, Co-Founder and CTO of SaaS Alerts

Seth Bostock, Co-Founder of SaaS Alerts

In a prepared statement regarding Lippie’s joining SaaS Alerts, Co-Founder Bostock said:

“Our forward plan requires execution and the ability to build and lead a high performing team to drive our growth as we continue to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) security tools specifically designed for the managed service provider market. Jim has a proven track record of exceptional leadership in the field and a unique understanding of the MSP community and vendor ecosystem that positions him as the ideal CEO for SaaS Alerts. “

Lippie added in a prepared statement:

“I am grateful for my time at Kaseya and proud of my contributions – and the achievements of the team there. It was really a great ride. Now, I’m looking forward to this next chapter where I can help MSPs in new and different ways with SaaS alerts. I look forward to using my software experience to further develop the SaaS Alerts model, which allows MSPs to capture additional revenue streams by protecting the SaaS applications many of their SMB customers are already using. The need for MSPs to mitigate cyber threats for both themselves and their customers is greater than ever. With SaaS Alerts, we offer a solution that meets this need in a unique and unparalleled way.

SaaS Alerts’ mission is to build the most MSP-friendly software company in the ecosystem. MSPs will find SaaS Alerts guidelines to help them grow and become more profitable. “

Cloud Services Monitoring: The Emerging Landscape

Monitoring popular SaaS applications could be a blue ocean opportunity for SaaS Alerts and its MSP partners. Although a large part of the MSP software industry was largely based on PC, server and infrastructure management, only a few MSP-focused startups concentrate only on the monitoring of cloud infrastructure (IaaS), platforms (PaaS) and applications (SaaS).

Alongside SaaS Alerts, Augmentt (from N-Cap veterans Gavin Garbutt and Derik Belair) are some of the biggest names in the SMB market, while enterprise-minded players like DataDog and New Relic are more focused on performance monitoring.

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