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Website positioning proclaims new partnership with the Hg Basis and collectively begins a brand new Website positioning Tech Developer Initiative

LONDON & NEW YORK & MUNICH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), a New York-based organization that provides access to educational and career opportunities to talented and motivated young people from underserved and underrepresented communities, today announced the launch of SEO Tech Developer, a new program that technological diversity gap for students of Black, Latinx, and Native American majoring in computer science and engineering and related STEM areas.

The program is mainly supported by SEO’s new partnership with The Hg Foundation, a charity with a defined focus on education and technology.

The SEO Tech Developer is an intensive immersion and training program that aims to fill the exposure and preparation gaps faced by underrepresented students looking to enter the tech industry. In collaboration with Codio, SEO has created a bespoke curriculum that enhances the existing technical skills of minority students. The program focuses on a team-based project approach and provides industry professionals, educators, and recruiters with sustained visibility to increase the percentage of minority students effectively competing for entry-level roles in the technology world.

The program is supported and funded by a long-term partnership with the Hg Foundation. The Hg Foundation’s goal is to have an impact on the development of skills most needed for employment in the tech industry, with an emphasis on those who may otherwise face barriers to entry. The Hg Foundation aims to achieve this by providing financial and operational assistance to nonprofits in the UK, US and Europe. The Hg Foundation is supported by Hg, a leading software and services investor.

Through this new initiative, the two organizations share a common goal of helping Black, Latin American, and Native American students who might otherwise face barriers to acquiring skills often required for employment in the tech industry. Often such students get their first introduction to computer programming upon entering college, leaving them well behind their peers. Both organizations believe that this initiative will increase the existing interest of minority engineering and CS students while complementing their technical education with the specific problem-solving skills they need to meet the entry-level professional expectations of the industry fulfill.

Julian Johnson, Executive Vice President of SEO-USA, said, “We recognize that academic excellence combined with an interest in technology is not always enough to secure quality opportunities in this sector. SEO Tech Developer is a valuable new program that enables future professionals from underserved and underrepresented communities to improve their knowledge of the hard and soft skills necessary to breakthrough in today’s workforce. The Hg Foundation is an organization whose goals and values ​​are very closely aligned with ours. So it is incredibly powerful to have your support as we drive this new, positive initiative in the US. ”

Gero Wittemann, trustee of the Hg Foundation and co-head of Hg’s US office, said: “Creating a level playing field for those who want to position themselves effectively as candidates in the talent pools of large technology companies is at the core of the Hg Foundation. SEO has a long history of helping students grow into interviewable candidates in engineering and computer science, Wall Street and the United States. We are proud to have partnered Guns with an organization as well established and proven as SEO to better reflect the diversity of America’s workforce in an industry of tremendous relevance to today’s economy. ”

The SEO Tech Developer is located in the roof of the SEO Career Program. SEO Career has 40 years of experience recruiting, training, and unparalleled support for under-represented college students across the country to help them complete their summer internships.

The overall success of the program is measured using a combination of progress and performance metrics. The level of technical ability is assessed when students are selected and compared to the level measured after completing the program. Participation levels and changes in attitudes are also included in the employment statistics for each cohort.

SEO is also supported by other program partners, including the leading game maker Take 2 Interactive, the e-commerce furniture and housewares company Wayfair, the cloud-based software for planning corporate resources Workday, the international conglomerate Renew Group Holdings and the leading portfolio companies Tech- Investors. This support serves as a new model for a pipeline of diverse talent. In the meantime, the program partners have the opportunity to act as program mentors.

About SEO

SEO was founded in 1963 with the goal of providing talented and motivated young people from underserved and underrepresented communities with access to educational and career opportunities. SEO’s four signature programs create an ecosystem of excellence. SEO Scholars – An eight-year academic program that successfully trains and mentors low-income public students in NYC and San Francisco to get to and through college – with a 90% graduation rate. SEO Careers – The nation’s leading pre-professional development and internship program for high-profile Black, Spanish, and Native American college students who are underrepresented in the areas they are looking for. SEO Law – The country’s only paid-before-the-law paid academic and scholarship program creates a talent pipeline of pre-law colored undergraduate students entering global elite law firms. SEO Alternative Investments – Provides talent, exposure, training and mentoring opportunities for talented individuals who have traditionally been underrepresented in the alternative investment sector. www.seo-usa.org

About the Hg Foundation

The Hg Foundation is a non-profit organization with a defined focus on education and technology. Our goal is to support those who might otherwise face entry barriers by acquiring skills that are often required for employment in the technology industry. We aim to do this by funding and operationally supporting nonprofit programs and partnerships in the UK, US and Europe where we can demonstrate measurable, long-term and scalable impact and influence those who need it most. The Hg Foundation is registered. 1189216. For more information, please visit the website at www.thehgfoundation.com.

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