WhoisGuard has no affect on Google web optimization & Rankings


Google’s John Mueller said “no” on Reddit. WhoisGuard, the data protection setting of the NameCheap domain, has no influence on your SEO or your ranking on Google. Google doesn’t care whether or not you use domain privacy settings when you register your domain name.

The question was:

Does Whois Guard Affect SEO?

I’ve read about spammers who usually use whois guard, so Google tends to trust websites more without hiding their information via whois. So I tried not to use WIguard. I was spammed to hell in a matter of days and what worries me most is that it shows my phone number and full name. Rookie Move – I know. So I have now activated the watch on namecheap and hope that my data will disappear soon. What I am wondering is: is there any truth about the Whois Guard / SEO Correlation?

John replied briefly “No”.

I think many domain name registrars are now turning on the whois privacy setting by default to reduce email spam to their customers.

Easy enough.

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