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Your team is facing a wide variety of compliance requirements and internal investigations, as well as some major legal disputes that you fear that you may not be able to handle due to internal resource constraints. In any case, bulky amounts of data have to be searched. This data must come from constantly evolving data sources – from iPhones to Microsoft Teams to Skype chats. You work with your IT team to ensure that your company’s most sensitive data is protected during all of these affairs.

With that in mind, your team is faced with the task of vetting ediscovery vendors to resolve the major litigation and ensure these vendors can effectively protect your company’s data. At the same time, you bear the burden of hosting a separate ediscovery platform for internal investigations with an already tight legal budget.

Does that sound familiar to you? Welcome to the life of a modern in-house lawyer.

More than ever, in-house attorneys need to find cost-effective ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their ediscovery affairs and investigations while keeping corporate data safe.

The introduction of a cloud-based self-service ediscovery platform can be helpful here. Below, I’ve outlined how moving to this type of model can ease many of the burdens on corporate legal departments.

1. The added benefit of on-demand scalability
A cloud-based self-service platform gives your team the ability to quickly transfer case data to a state-of-the-art review platform and access it from any web browser. You no longer wait for a provider to take over without knowing when the data is ready.

With a self-service solution, your team is in control and can make strategic decisions based on what is best for your budget and organization. If your team has the bandwidth to handle smaller internal investigations but needs help handling large legal disputes, a scalable, self-service model can offer this solution. If you want your team to do all the big and small things, but you are concerned about collecting from unique sources like Microsoft Teams, or you need help to remove a large amount of data defensibly in a specific case, a skilled self-service can help – Vendors solve these problems and leave the rest to you. In short, a self-service solution gives you the power to control your own destiny and use the ediscovery tools and skills you need when you need them.

2. Access the best eDiscovery tools – with no overheads

A robust, self-service ediscovery solution gives your team access to the best ediscovery tools in the industry, so you can get the best result on every matter at the most efficient cost. Whether you want to analyze your company’s entire legal portfolio to determine where to improve review efficiency on all matters, or just want to use the best tools from collection to production that will provide the right solution.

With a self-service model, your team has access to these tools without the need for infrastructure maintenance or software licensing. A high quality self-service provider covers these costs as well as the costs of continuously evaluating and updating the technology. Your team can do what it does best: legal work.

3. The security of reliable data security

In a self-service ediscovery model, your service provider bears the data security risk through a state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedicated IT and security teams that are able to stay alert to cybersecurity threats and evolving legal standards. In this way, not only can you reduce your own costs and free up valuable internal IT resources, but also something even more valuable than cost savings – the certainty that your company’s data is being managed and protected by IT professionals.

4. Flexible, predictable prices and lower total costs

Self-service pricing models can be tailored to meet your team’s usage expectations. This means that you can choose a pricing structure that suits your company’s unique needs. From pay-as-you-go models to subscription-based approaches, self-service pricing often differs from traditional ediscovery pricing in that it is clear and predictable. This means that at the end of the month, you won’t be blind with hidden fees or unexpected hourly fees from a law firm or vendor. Add this kind of transparent pricing to the fact that you no longer have to bear the technology costs or pay for unneeded vendor services. The result is significantly less ediscovery effort that fits into any legal budget.

These four benefits can help companies and internal consulting teams to significantly improve ediscovery efficiency and reduce costs. For more information on moving your business to a self-service ediscovery model, see our other articles on the self-service ediscovery revolution – including tips on overcoming self-service objections and building a self-service business case .

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