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40% of knowledge in Software program-as-a-Service (SaaS) firms is uncovered – The Clare Individuals

Messages from unprotected servers revealing user and company data are constantly in the news and remain a constant threat, according to a new survey. According to DoControl, 40% of the data from companies in the SaaS (Software as a Service) sector is vulnerable and publicly accessible.

Research by the security specialist has shown that the risk does not only arise from external access to volumes, whether by malicious agents or not, but also from inadequate internal guidelines. Many companies in the industry not only invest in information availability, they also don’t invest in security and access policies so that employees can view and share data, often without proper authorization and protection.

According to the DoControl survey, 20% of the volumes are shared internally with a simple link which, if passed on to third parties, can also enable access to the server. Now 8% of employees work with a mix of personal and professional profiles, which increases the possibility of internal data loss and compromise, as even cryptographic keys can be found in such vulnerable infrastructures.

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Political issues also arise with information management, with some of the cases cited in the report pointing to volumes whose access has been shared by up to 15,000 people, including thousands of outside partners, suppliers, and even potential customers who shouldn’t necessarily see the information. In 18% of the cases, this view was still allowed after deletion of user accounts, which was a danger even after layoffs or downsizing.

According to Sounil Yu, Director of Information Security at JupiterOne, transparency is the best way to increase security in SaaS companies. Managing data and user access, and preventing the possible dissemination of corporate information will help prevent infrastructure leaks and compromises. Authentication and monitoring mechanisms are among the most important measures.

Source: DoControl, safety magazine

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