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5 Methods Your Cell PPC Technique Will Work For You

With half the population sticking to their smartphones and checking the latest coronavirus updates, it’s imperative to have a clear idea of ​​what your digital marketing campaign should look like.

If you focus on Google Ads, you should already know that mobile advertising is becoming increasingly important and that search volume is growing faster than that of desktop ads. Apart from that, a few other trends can also be seen here:

  1. Mobile CTRs are lower in positions than tablets or desktops.
  2. From last year, Find CPCs experienced an increase.
  3. Mobile impressions receive greater penalties than their desktop counterparts.

All of these trends together make mobile PPC campaigns highly volatile and insecure. So it might be worth thinking about of new ways to increase yours paid search strategy.

Set goals for your mobile PPC campaign and incentivize your consumers

The very first step in your mobile PPC campaign should be to determine your overall goals. Therefore, you need to analyze certain variables such as: B. Certain, Actions, Expectations, and Time.

Also, don’t forget the importance of providing incentives and calls to action for the implementation of your advertising campaign. Make sure you offer a unique user experience in terms of offers and promotions: the more individual and personalized your website, the more attractive your campaign will be. On the other hand, cell phone advertisers can create preferred ads so that they will only be viewed by users who search for their searches on their phones.

Add sitelink extensions

In short, sitelinks are additional links that users can use to navigate your website as they choose the link that is more relevant to them. You can manage this through your Google AdWords dashboard and choose the phrase you want to display and the links you want to use.

Some tips for setting up your sitelink extensions are:

  • Keep the link text short: If you use some links, you can use more links. The limit is a total of 25 characters.
  • Create links that reflect your website: Use the navigation bars on your website to search for new ideas.
  • Add descriptions: The more information you can add through your links, the more customers you will attract.

Find the right PPC keywords

As with any other digital marketing strategy, keywords are one of the most important factors. These are the keywords you choose to target your audience through Google AdWords and other platforms. On the one hand, context is a relevant variable for mobile PPC, as users always change their keywords and phrases when searching. Audit the competitors to find out which keywords they are using (and which are not) to improve your search capabilities.

Don’t forget to use negative keywordsas it is important to tell Google the keywords that you do not want to rank for.

Adding call-only ads

If you want to appear more accessible to your customers or if you don’t have a mobile website and want to get some conversions, you can always use them Call extensions. Call extensions work differently than traditional ads: instead of directing your customers to your landing page, you can give them the option to call you. You can edit this option in Google Ads, click Edit Phone Number, and then only see your phone number.

Add structured snippets

Structure snippets can highlight certain characteristics of your company. For example, the services you offer, the products you sell and other specific aspects that make your business unique. This is a great way to make the information you offer about your website more attractive and therefore make your links more visible. Click rates increase, as does your ROI, if you use structured snippets well.

Mobile structured snippets are usually displayed just below the main ad text and displayed on devices using an algorithm managed by AdWords.


There are millions of options for your mobile PPC strategy to thrive. If you are not a top PPC marketer, just try the different alternatives. If you are struggling with this, finding the right AdWords agency for you might be a good idea.

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