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5 Science Podcasts You Should Know – The Clare Folks

The habit of listening to the radio has been replaced by the habit of following podcasts by many. Podcasts with a wide variety of content and topics are available in droves to listen to, whether online and live or offline after the episode has been downloaded, so that you can listen to them at any time. This variety of content and topics available in podcast format is one of the big differentiators – and of course, science podcasts are part of that wave.

According to PodPesquisa 2019/2020, carried out by the Brazilian Association of Podcasters (abPod), “science is the third most popular topic among Brazilians when it comes to this media after pop culture and humor / comedy”.

For this reason, Canaltech has not only put together five great science podcasts that you need to know, but also spoke to each of its creators to learn more about these projects that, despite the different formats, aim to get scientific knowledge known around .

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Endless science

(Image: Reproduction / Science Endless)

Launched by Flow Studios on August 25 this year, the podcast “Science Without End” is presented by science publisher and geographer Sérgio Sacani, known for his work on SpaceToday, very popular on YouTube and on social networks and a reference in the debate about There is space for astronomy and exploration. Ciência Sem Fim has already reached the mark of more than 10,000 followers on its social networks and 22,000 subscribers on YouTube before its debut.

The main goal of the new podcast is to have relaxed conversations about scientific research from a wide variety of fields, with guests ranging from experts to people who are not familiar with the subject but somehow occupied with science. In an interview with Canaltech, Sérgio Sacani stated that his main expectation from the program is to make science accessible to all in a simple and accessible way, and to introduce the general public to some Brazilian scientists who are doing an incredible job, but little is known.

The idea for the program arose at the invitation of Estudios Flow when they presented this request to their audience to Sacani. “I was very happy about the invitation and the support you gave from the start. Also for supporting the team that works together and works to create the best possible program, ”added the geologist. Over time – and in new episodes – he hopes to build a beautiful community that understands the role science plays in society.

Every Wednesday and Friday Ciência Sem Fim starts a new program with an average duration of 2 hours, always with a different topic and a new gift. The podcast is available on the YoTtube channel and on Spotify.

dirty science

(Image: Reproduction / Dirty Science)

Ciência Suja is a true crimes (literally translated) podcast that focuses on real events. The program presented by health journalists Theo Ruprecht and Thaís Manarini aims to address the value of science through its abuse. In other words, what happens to society if the scientific method is dropped or misrepresented? And how can science itself help society to overcome these episodes? ”Explained Ruprecht to Canaltech. No wonder that the show’s slogan is: “In crimes against science, we are all the victims”.

Ciência Suja brings journalistic content that arouses interest in the scientific method, but from a different perspective. In their first episode, which was released on August 19 of this year, the presenters tell the story of a pill that was developed by a chemist at a renowned Brazilian university and distributed free of charge and that promises a cure for all types of cancer – until science itself gets used to it was refuting it.

As a good true crime podcast, the program interviews people involved in the plot and experts on the topic, bringing unprecedented details and their consequences to the present. “We want to bring high quality science and the values ​​of the scientific method closer to as many people as possible through bad examples,” added the journalist.

For now, the first season has only two episodes, with a new one appearing every 15 days with an average length of 50 minutes. The program is available on the main audio streaming platforms or on the project’s website.

Exoplanet Mission

(Image: Reproduction / Exoplanet Mission)

As the name suggests, Missão Exoplaneta is a podcast that focuses more on the field of astronomy, but is constantly in dialogue with other fields of knowledge. Presented by academic editor Julia Brazolim, the program clears common doubts about the universe, presents concepts and information related to the area – including the use of popular culture works and interviews with experts.

The Exoplanet Mission aims to promote astronomical observation, promote Brazilian science and other projects that share the popularization of science. In addition, it offers scientists a space to present their work and research to the general public and stimulates reflection on the role of each individual in society. In an interview with Canaltech, Brazolim said that astronomy is perhaps one of the most enchanting sciences – and a simple observation of the starry sky is enough to raise the most fundamental doubts.

When asked about the importance of science podcasts in Brazil, Julia Brazolim said she thought they were essential. “The scientific dissemination that occupies and is present in various media is conquering a wide variety of target groups,” he added. For them, this medium is characterized by its ability to be combined with everyday tasks, such as listening to an episode while washing the dishes – especially for those who cannot pay attention to videos or texts.

The Exoplanet mission was published in February 2019 and, depending on the topic covered, publishes up to two episodes each month, each lasting about an hour. The program is available on the main podcast platforms and also on the project’s website.

Science from A to Z

(Image: Reproduction / Science from A to Z)

Science from A to Z is produced and directed by Biologist and Doctor of Zoology Diego Santana. Through his experience in field research and school visits, he came up with the idea for the program, with the aim of not only informing scientific topics, but above all addressing the different human knowledge that flows through these discussions.

In a conversation with Canaltech, Santana revealed that he already enjoys doing scientific dissemination, but had only worked in areas related to his work as a biologist until then. Science from A to Z not only presents the knowledge of mankind, but also shows through its guests the ways in which scientific research is built.

For example, in the most recent episode, Ciência de A to Z debates bioacoustics – the science that studies the sound processes emitted by organisms – and brings a multidisciplinary perspective to this field of knowledge, which includes biology, physics, mathematics and others. To decipher the different ways of studying the sound of nature, Santana interviewed experts on the subject.

Ciência de A to Z was launched in May 2020 and publishes episodes lasting 50 to 120 minutes each, covering various topics such as plant physiology, paleontology and even astronomy. The program is available on most podcast platforms, but can also be viewed on the project’s website.

Science at the foot of the ear

(Image: Reproduction / Science Ao Pé do Ouvi)

Ciência Ao Pé do Ouvido was founded in the Directorate for Social Communication (DIRCO) of the Federal University Uberlândia (UFU) in Minas Gerais under the direction of journalist Diélen Borges. In the run-up to the issue and presentation of the program, journalist Josielle Ingrid Soares, who also works at DIRCO, approaches several topics from the eyes of the interviewed scientists. The name of the program refers to this intimate relationship between the listener and the podcast, which literally speaks to the listener “on the ear”.

Though it is produced within a university, Ciência Ao Pé do Ouvido has the main aim of bringing debate from the perspective of science to the general public – so much so that the issues covered in the program’s episodes appear as doubts in comments on social networks. In an interview with Canaltech, moderator Josielle Ingrid Soares stated that scientists should respond directly to these doubts and suggestions from the public.

Furthermore, Soares reported that all of her work of writing the agenda, searching for sources, recording and editing the conversations means for her to convey to society in a clear and practical way what is already hers. “The knowledge is there. I am just a facilitator to make it less “academic” and more accessible to everyone. And build together, right? Building together makes a total difference, ”he added.

The show has been in its second season since its debut in February last year. The episodes last between 19 and 120 minutes and cover topics such as the origin of accents, pseudosciences and quantum physics. The podcast was available monthly until June of this year, since then it has been published weekly on most audio platforms and also on the project’s website.

Source: with information from abPod

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