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6 causes Maxime Bernier needs you to vote for PPC

This article is part of a Narcity series that highlights the key points you need to know about where Canada’s political party leaders stand on issues that matter to millennials. Each leader was asked for a comment by Narcity. You can read more about our coverage of the Canadian general election 2021 here.

Although the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) failed to win seats in the 2019 Canadian general election, Maxime Bernier promised his party would come back – and they are.

Though not invited to the official federal chairmanship debates, Bernier says his party will not stop campaigning and reaching out to Canadians.

Ahead of Election Day on September 20, the PPC launched a platform that focuses on things like helping legal gun owners, ending bans and masking obligations, lowering taxes, and “protecting Canadians from censorship and discrimination”.

Here’s a look at some of the party’s top election promises:

1. Firearms

One of the main guidelines of the PPC platform is related to legal gun owners in Canada. The party says this group is currently being attacked unfairly and that current legislation “does not respect their property rights”.

Should it be elected, it promises to replace the current Guns Act and “prioritize effective measures to improve public safety and fight crime in Canada”.

The party says it would also replace the current “costly and laborious licensing system” with one that would give lifetime certification to gun owners who follow mandatory inspection, safety training and testing.

2. Compensation for provinces

The PPC also wants to make changes to Canada’s compensation program, which it describes as “unfair and inefficient”.

The party says it would reduce the total amount of compensation payments to the provinces and ensure that only regions with the greatest need benefit.

Bernier and his candidates also pledge to ensure, in the event of an election, that the new program “respects our constitution” and makes provincial governments more accountable for their own political decisions.

3. COVID-19 Policy

One of the issues on which Maxime Bernier and the PPC have made the loudest stand is how the current government is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In its election manifesto, the party criticized lockdowns, mask requirements and school closings, among other things.

The PPC promises Dr. Dismiss Theresa Tam, chief public health officer, abolish vaccine mandates and COVID-19 testing for federal employees, revoke vaccine passports for travelers, and oppose “other authoritarian measures imposed by provincial governments.”

The party says it would also support provincial emergency measures to protect the most vulnerable, but stop bailing out provinces that are imposing economically destructive lockdowns.

4. Climate change

When it comes to the environment and global warming, the PPC says it is committed to tackling “climate change alarmism”.

The party vows to pull out of the Paris Agreement and “abandon unrealistic greenhouse gas emission reduction targets” and “stop sending billions of dollars to developing countries to help them cut their emissions”.

It also wants to cut subsidies for green technology and let private actors develop alternatives, while prioritizing “practical solutions” to bring clean drinking water to remote First Nations communities in Canada.

5. Freedom of expression

“What some perceive as politically incorrect, offensive or even hateful cannot serve as a legal basis for discrimination and censorship,” says the election platform PPC.

The party says it would restrict the definition of hate speech in Canada’s Criminal Code, repeal existing laws restricting freedom of speech online, and ensure that Canadians “can fully exercise their freedom of conscience, as provided in the charter, and are not discriminated against because of their moral beliefs. “

It also promises to withhold funding from any post-secondary institution that “violates” the freedom of expression of its students or staff.

6. Other priorities

Other policies described on the PCC platform include plans to phase out COVID-19 spending programs, lower income taxes, and support veterans in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Another important issue for the party is the so-called “Canadian identity”. It said it would work to end official multiculturalism in Canada and “preserve Canadian values ​​and culture” by repealing the Multiculturalism Act, cutting all funding to promote multiculturalism, and reducing the number of immigrants and refugees visiting Canada each year absorbs, can be reduced considerably.

To learn more about the People’s Party of Canada’s election pledges, visit their campaign platform here.

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6 causes Maxime Bernier needs you to vote for PPC

This article is part of a Narcity series that highlights the key points you need to know about where Canada's political party leaders stand...

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