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LONDON, July 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ClearAds continues to share its valuable insights to help Amazon sellers grow their businesses. The renowned Amazon marketing company recently explained why ACoS is extremely important for all Amazon sellers. With a team of experienced Amazon advertising strategy experts, ClearAds offers data-driven programs to increase sales, increase profits and reduce sales costs.

To learn more about it London-based company, please visit https://clearadsagency.com/.

ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) measures the performance of an Amazon Sponsored Products campaign. It indicates the ratio of ad spend to targeted sales. Amazon ACoS defines the effectiveness of a campaign, provides information on bidding tactics and is a yardstick by which the success of a promotion is measured. It definitely tells the sellers what percentage of each dollar made from advertising was spent on the advertising campaign.

According to ClearAds, Amazon ACoS is a critical component of its Amazon Marketing Services that can help sellers get the best possible profits with the lowest possible expenses and increase brand awareness to become a particular niche or category leader.

“Whatever your reason for using ACoS, the ultimate value comes from the ability to give you data-driven insights into whether your Amazon advertising campaigns are getting what they’re supposed to,” said a ClearAds spokesperson.

The renowned Amazon PPC management agency has also discussed certain techniques that will help Amazon advertisers optimize their campaigns to get a good ACoS percentage.

  • Content optimization increases revenue, increases the overall ad sales portion of the ACoS equation, and offsets ad spend.
  • The inclusion of exactly matching bids in the keyword strategy can contribute to a higher ACoS rate.
  • Finally, bid optimization is the most obvious ACoS optimization strategy.

“As you can see, ACoS can be a very valuable tool for keeping your advertising costs under control, regardless of your overall goals. However, since ACoS can increase with every new bid and decrease with every sale, your ACoS strategy must be anchored in the ongoing PPC campaign management to ensure high efficiency and performance, “added the spokesman.

To learn more about ClearAds and its services, please visit the company’s official website.

Contact name: George Meressa

Contact phone: +442037474686

Contact email: info@clearads.co.uk

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Clear Ads is a paid advertising agency focused on Amazon and Google for small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

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