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Amazon might launch a clubhouse-like audio app with a deal with podcasts and stay concert events

Amazon may want to expand the type of content it distributes through its audio channels, and to do that, the company is reportedly planning a new live audio feature that will stream live concerts and music performances to its subscribers.


  • Amazon is reportedly working on a live audio feature for its user base.
  • The feature will bring live music performances and concerts to users.
  • The feature will complement Amazon’s attempts to bolster its podcast and music streaming services.

Amazon could soon offer a live audio streaming service. The technology major was advised to secretly develop its own live audio function that could compete with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces in the future.

A new report indicates that the company’s music division is trying to build a new feature in the live audio category. Amazon Music podcast networks, musicians and celebrities will pay for this. Amazon is also reportedly in talks with “major record labels” to host live audio events with artists through the feature.

The efforts were highlighted in a recent report from Axios. The publication claims that Amazon is looking to roll out a new feature on Amazon Music that will allow subscribers to access live concerts and performances through their accounts. In essence, the feature will function like a digital radio for “live streaming appearances and talks”.

Citing a source familiar with Amazon’s plans, the report mentions that the new feature will focus on live music and events for the time being. Amazon could also integrate the live audio function into its video streaming service Twitch. In the future, it will likely include podcasts and talk shows within the service as well. However, the idea is not to build a social audio network like Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces, but to stream live audio to its users via its own media.

The update follows an earlier report from Axios that sheds light on Amazon’s efforts to invest in podcast content for its audio channels. The company plans to produce localized talk shows on news and sports and even acquired the American podcast network Wondery for $ 300 million last year. The network now works as part of Amazon Music.

The company’s intention to support live audio through its services will intensify its podcasting and music streaming efforts. It will likely hit a whole new segment in the rapidly evolving online audio space, building on the types of content available through Amazon channels. It would also be a big plus for the Amazon-powered audio devices that stream its content, including its famous voice assistant Alexa and related smart speakers.

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