Amazon PPC Company consumer has unprecedented $ 500,000 in PPC gross sales in a single month


SHROPSHIRE, England, January 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Well-known Amazon PPC Agency, Sponsored Profit, is pleased to announce that one of their customers has reached an unprecedented milestone of $ 500,000 in PPC sales for December 2020. The company provides growth-oriented, entrepreneurial brands looking to profitably increase their brand awareness with expert-managed PPC services for Amazon-sponsored products and other Amazon ad solutions.

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During the turbulent times of the coronavirus pandemic, many sectors experienced unforeseen difficulties, job losses, store closures and declines in overall spending. The senior spokesperson for Sponsored Profit comments on the successes of his PPC partners even in these difficult times: “Despite the challenges many brands have to face at Amazon due to COVID-19, December rounded off an exceptional year for our PPC partners PPC sales quadrupled in 2020. ”

The pandemic has forced many brick and mortar stores to close amid government lockdown orders around the globe. Ecommerce was the next logical step for ailing businesses or the only option for others. Forbes Magazine Online recently stated, “With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to get into e-commerce. The 21st century is a digital age of communication and connection, with more people online than ever before. It enables businesses to become Connecting with customers on an internet is much greater, as well as delivering products at a far easier convenience for the consumer.

“Consumers have seen how useful and convenient online shopping can be, with more choices and options than before. And as more customers say they would continue shopping online, it is very likely that it will play an important role in retail will play. “”

The increasing online presence of companies leads to an extremely competitive market. Brands need to improve their game in order to grab the attention of potential customers while maintaining their current audience. The company Amazon Sponsored Ads points out that the impressive results of its customers so far partly reflect the high customer demand on the platform. With this in mind, the company spokesman explains his approach: “The key is to understand how Amazon Advertising can be used to benefit from this demand. For us, it is about getting the best results in the campaigns and campaigns of the individual customers We can do this because we actively manage campaigns, using data-driven insights built on our software to ensure campaigns are always optimized, scalable and maximized for profit. “

For smaller and newer brands, the company offers a simple, proven system of software and a supporting private online community that sellers can use to manage their Amazon PPC campaigns quickly, efficiently, and profitably while saving an incredible amount of time, money, and effort.

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Most sellers have problems with Amazon Advertising. At Sponsored Profit, we’ve developed a complete system to help sellers get clarity and create PPC campaigns that increase profit so they can build a thriving, cash-in-pocket business month after month.

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