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Anatomy of a KDrama scene: When Jo Yi Search engine optimization unfolds her delicate facet in the direction of Park Sae Royi in a tearful second

Romance is in the little moments and this scene proves just that! Read on to find out.

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Anatomy of a KDrama scene: When Jo Yi Seo unfolds her sensitive side towards Park Sae Royi in a tearful moment

I have to admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the romance track in Itaewon class, to the point that I felt it was completely unnecessary for the plot. I mean, you don’t have a Park Seo Joon romance that won’t make your heart beat faster? That’s not possible, is it? However, there is one scene in the Itaewon class that beautifully depicts the romance between Park Seo Joon’s Park Sae Royi and Kim Dami Jo Yi Seo. I really believe a scene involves romantic feelings between them, so I would have liked their characters to stay too.

I don’t have an exact reference to the episode, but my description is enough to tell the scene. It’s the scene where Jo Yi Seo is now fully occupied with Danbam from Park Sae Royi in Itaewon. She develops romantic feelings for him, but so far it’s in the crush phase. Park Sae Royi and Jo Yi Seo seek refuge in someone else’s house because of a rainstorm outside. Yi Seo insists on resting her head on Sae Royi’s lap, which he reluctantly allows. He loves her but thinks of her as a child. Yi Seo asks about the scars on his hand. He replies that he was injured while working on the deep-sea fishing vessel. She reaches for another scar on his arm and asks the same question again. He answers quietly and says he was injured while doing manual labor.

Yi Seo begins to wonder how lonely and hurt Sae Royi must have been all along. He hears her crying and pats her head gently. In a voice-over you see the transformation of the character from a tearful and domineering young lady to a sensitive and understanding woman. Yi Seo promises herself that she will stand by Sae Royi no matter what. Their crush and obsession with him turn into true love. Sae Royi also feels a transformation within himself. He is finally growing out of his love for Oh Soo Ah and is ready to accept new love into his love, Jo Yi Seo.

A beautiful scene that depicts love and romance so sensitively and maturely, without drama and frills. I’m still not a huge fan of the Sae Royi-Yi Seo pairing and think the romance in the drama was unnecessary, but this scene comes out of the park every time!

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