Apple launches associates program for podcast subscriptions


Apple has announced a new affiliate program for its upcoming Apple Podcasts subscription platform that allows users to earn commission when a podcast link they share leads to a new subscriber.

Starting this month, users with Apple Podcast Subscriptions will be able to subscribe to podcasts for perks like ad-free listening, early access to episodes, and exclusive episodes.

The affiliate program pays a commission of 50% for clicked links that lead to a subscription. For example, for a link to a podcast subscription that costs $ 10, the user would earn $ 5 in commissions. According to Apple, the global payment scale is based on the local market price.

Users who apply for the program will receive a token that identifies their affiliate account when they post a link to a paid podcast. This token aggregates all the revenue generated through the user’s affiliate links and pays out the commission earned within 30 days.

Apple’s wording suggests that the affiliate program is geared towards podcast creators. However, anyone can sign up and earn income through affiliate links.

Apple’s existing partner programs cover content and subscriptions tied to the iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple TV +, and Apple Books. Visit the Apple Services Performance Partner Program to apply for the Podcast Partner Initiative.