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AppOmni’s platform protects firms from cloud and SaaS violations

From ransomware to data breaches, global cybersecurity incidents against organizations, governments and individuals are on the rise. In the past year there have been a multitude of attacks, from SolarWinds and Kaseya to the attack on Microsoft Exchange and the break-in of the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier.

As cybersecurity attacks grow in complexity, complexity, and frequency, organizations need to reduce their security exposure to ensure they are protected on all fronts.

“It’s not enough to do what has always been done – attackers are evolving their approaches and finding various ways to access and compromise sensitive information in the cloud,” said Brendan O’Connor, Founder and CEO of AppOmni , the leading provider of SaaS security management. “Our research shows that 55% of companies have sensitive SaaS data that has been accidentally exposed to the anonymous internet and does not require a username or password to access. This is a critical risk that every organization should work on now. “

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications continue to be rapidly adopted by businesses of all sizes and are critical to day-to-day operations. Today, most organizations rely on manual processes and good intentions to ensure proper SaaS security management, but that is not enough. IT and security teams are already overloaded and it is important that security technologies contribute to efficiency rather than causing even more friction.

AppOmni makes it easy for CISOs, enterprise security, application administrators, and IT teams to fully secure their growing SaaS environments. The AppOmni SaaS Security Management (SSM) platform, which offers a full suite of SaaS security status, protection and monitoring functions, covers the most widely used and mission critical SaaS applications in the market including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Workday, Box, Slack and Zoom.

AppOmni has expanded its customer base to include world leaders in technology, healthcare, banking, finance, and cybersecurity. The company has also established new and expanded partnerships with implementation providers worldwide including Accenture, PwC, 4C / Wipro, Optiv, activereach, GuidePoint Security and NCC Group. AppOmni recently closed $ 40 million in Series B funding accelerating company growth and product development, including:

New product functionality: AppOmni Insights

AppOmni Insights, part of the core product offering, is an industry first and offers a “security engineer in a box”. Each SaaS platform has unique nuances in terms of configuration and security, from the language used to the default settings in place. With so many SaaS platforms in place, it is difficult to maintain a high level of SaaS expertise in security teams.

Insights is designed to make it easier for administrators who are not security experts. It provides in-product SaaS security management expertise so teams can quickly review information about SaaS risks, the priority of those potential risks, where they apply, and how they can be addressed. With this feature, organizations have unprecedented context and a simple button to remediate SaaS risks.

New SaaS platforms covered

AppOmni has expanded the breadth of SaaS platforms covered while maintaining the depth and coverage that customers rely on. AppOmni’s platform now offers integrations with and improved SaaS security for:

AppOmni has also added Exchange Online and SharePoint to the holding capabilities of its Microsoft 365 solution, and expanded its GitHub holding capabilities through a technology partnership. With this support, AppOmni now offers coverage for the most popular business critical applications of today’s businesses.

“The SaaS security market is growing rapidly. Organizations that have moved to cloud and SaaS applications are beginning to understand that there is a shared responsibility model for SaaS security, ”said O’Connor. “SaaS providers are responsible for delivering secure products, but SaaS customers need to use and manage these products responsibly. We designed AppOmni to help companies manage, secure and monitor their many SaaS platforms without adding additional workload to their security and IT teams. “

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