Barr Moses from Monte Carlo will accompany us on the TC periods: SaaS – TechCrunch


Barr Moses from Monte Carlo joins the data panel at TC Sessions: SaaS. See you there!

With the clock ticking for TechCrunch’s upcoming SaaS-focused event, we’re excited to announce that Barr Moses, Monte Carlo Co-Founder and CEO, will join us. In particular, the startup manager will join our data-focused panel.

What is Monte Carlo doing? The startup works in the area of ​​data observability and ensures that the companies’ data collection work brings in actual information and not garbage.

When I covered Monte Carlo’s Series B earlier this year, Moses was kind enough to guide me through their company’s marketplace. It fits perfectly into our data-focused panel.

The era in which you could be brought onto the stage with “Big Data” is over. Today’s data gurus are now building lakehouses and going public for their work with hybrid structured and unstructured database technology. Meanwhile, Monte Carlo wants to make sure companies around the world are warned if any of their inbound data pipelines go awry. That way, when the corporate world does a data analysis of its gathered information, it won’t be skewed by zeros and other sewage.

It’s a big problem and a hot enough market that Monte Carlo raised its Serie A in September 2020 and its Serie B just a few months later in February 2021. That is a rapid pace of capital accumulation; Investors are betting that Moses and her team are into something pretty big. Notably, TechCrunch recently published an article that included an interview with its co-founder, Yotam Hadass.

Moses will join other technicians at the event, including Javier Soltero, Google’s Head of Workspace. Who else is coming? Ali Ghodsi from Databricks, Daniel Dines from UiPath, Abby Kearns from Puppet and investors Casey Aylward and Sarah Guo. It gets nerdy and awesome.

Register today with a $ 75 early bird ticket and save $ 100 before tickets go up. TC Sessions: SaaS takes place on October 27th and offers chats with the leaders in SaaS, networking and startup demos.