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Blackfish Followers Have Podcasts – Pennsylvania Information Right this moment


Duncan and his co-host Leslie Mack are both avid fans of jam band concerts, particularly the history, culture, and black experience of fish, with weekly episodes of Blackberry Jam. It is released for 10 weeks. You have released the toll-free number 888-PHAN-JAM (888-742-6526). This number allows you to leave a voice message explaining the best and worst experiences of the show.

“I spoke to my friend Lenny, who spent hours dissecting everything from our favorite Tweezer Reprise,“ where the venue is most racist, to the good, the great and the ugly. I am very excited. “Mack, the organizer and activist of the black community, said in a statement. “Telling these stories gives me a glimpse into my hopes of how music can help meet the challenges of the world and how this scene will change over time. I can do it.”

Although there are a relatively small number of blacks, Duncan sees the fish fanatic scene as a black liberation landscape. He points to the beginnings of the Grateful Dead show, which emerged from the counterculture of the 1960s that tried to break through the dominant power structure of the time. The band has a benefit concert for the Oakland branch of the Black Panther Party.

Duncan sees himself matured during the “last fortress of esotericism and psychedelia in the 1960s”, but through the stories of Mumia Abu-Jamal, MOVEs Ramona Africa, the Black Panther Party and the Islamic State. I’ve learned lessons. He says that “the power analysis that I have been given is the only way to be black in America and it is due to violence”.

Duncan believes fish shows can bring together the intent of the 1960s counterculture and shape the future of American black liberation.

“It’s a republic,” he said. “In essence, a republic is such a moment when you and I can depress each other and you can imagine that there could be something sacred on the other side.”

Blackfish fans have podcasts

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