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Brett Bodofsky on third get together PPC integrations

In the first part, Brett and I shared his passion for paid search and helping others in the industry. In the second part with Brett Bodofsky, after the cops left the scene, we talked about common topics of third-party PPC integration. He said you have to find a company with a great support team, that’s the most important thing he said. Also consider the platform’s capabilities, price points, and build-versus-buy value.

Brett explained that with the changes in keyword options, it feels like we’re losing control of our keywords. He said there are platforms out there that allow you to stay within an ECPC, place manual bids, and then overlay that machine learning like a portfolio bid strategy. Then ECPC bids can be generated based on your target ROAS. By using Automation Layering, you are using these tools to automatically bid with the tools and bypass some of Google’s bidding strategies. Brett loves to take back control of his keyword bids on Google. During our conversation, Google announced that target CPA and target ROAS would be bundled with the bid strategies “maximize conversions” and “maximize conversion value” (more here). He then offered further considerations on this third-party PPC integration.

You can learn more about Brett Bodofsky on Twitter and LinkedIn @BrettBodofsky.

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