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Canada-based startup ViewsIQ gives SaaS with digital pathology and is increasing into Taiwan, Japan and China

Canada-based startup ViewsIQ offers SaaS with digital pathology and is expanding into Taiwan, Japan and China

Simplifying medical testing and analysis processes has always been an important goal for innovations in medical technology and precision medicine. The Canada-based startup ViewsIQ offers the software platform for digital pathology – Panoptiq – which enables digital data exchange in real time in order to realize remote communication and connection for pathology consultations and to make medical training and further education more efficient.

Digital Pathology in 2021: High Quality Realization of Digital Technology + AI

Panoptiq offers the fastest real-time image sharing of any digital pathology software platform on the market, according to ViewsIQ. Panoptiq can be easily mounted on any existing microscope and presents the microscopic image at a range of magnifications to aid healthcare professionals with remote training, advice, diagnosis, communication and connection. It turns a new page for digital pathology in 2021.

According to Kenneth To, CEO of ViewsIQ, the ViewsIQ solution requires only a simple software installation to enable pathologists and other medical specialists in remote locations to quickly and inexpensively access comprehensive innovations in the field of digital pathology. It also improves the traditional biomedical testing process that requires laboratory technicians to examine the sample one at a time. In addition, ViewsIQ is working with GenerationsE, a Canadian-based startup that is committed to AI-enabled pathology imaging analysis to better integrate AI with digital pathology and create value-added healthcare innovations, such as the automation of much of it colon cancer screening.

Expansion from North America to East Asia while opening up the growing SaaS market

ViewsIQ is currently partnering with a number of pathology departments at medical universities in Japan and Taiwan and will continue to approach medical institutions in Asia. The sales network, which now extends across North America, will be expanded to include Japan, Taiwan, China and other East Asian markets. It should be noted that the local connection is important for medical device developers who wish to expand their market presence. ViewsIQ will intensify its efforts to maintain business relationships in these target markets.

ViewsIQ markets a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform whose development costs are significantly lower compared to hardware devices. As a result, ViewsIQ has an advantage over its competitors who manufacture hardware products in terms of both cost and mass deployment capability. To is optimistic about the sales potential and the growth dynamics of its SaaS platform in markets abroad.

Find strategic partnerships for mutual market expansion in Taiwan and Canada while raising funds to drive technological advancement

To strengthen the connection with the local medical industry ecosystem in Taiwan, ViewsIQ is looking to partner with Taiwan-based biotech and healthcare companies to help Taiwanese companies enter the Canadian market and vice versa. Meanwhile, the company is also actively seeking channel partners in Taiwan and East Asia to further advance digital pathology applications and developments in the region.

In the hope of adding marketing specialists and engineers to the ViewsIQ team, which currently consists of six members, and thus promoting the financing of the start-up round. ViewsIQ remains committed to innovative research and continues to drive advances in digital pathology.

Digital pathology in 2021
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