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CANDIDATE PROFILE: Brian Everaert from PPC was assisted by assembling the “violet shaft”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second in a series of six candidate profiles for the Bundestag election that appear daily in alphabetical order.

Tara Jeffrey

Brian Everaert feels the dynamism growing.

Brian Everaert

“It’s overwhelming, to be honest,” said the second-time People’s Party of Canada nominee for Sarnia-Lambton.

“Just the amount of support, the number of character requests we’ve got from people – sometimes 20, 40, even 60 calls in a day.”

By last week, the Wallaceburg native and his campaign team had already posted 400 yard signs on the riding arena, he said.

“It’s going up … PPC has finally been recognized by people as the best option.”

Everaert, who received nearly 1,600 votes in the 2019 general election, said he was ready for a surprise this time.

“It’s a very different choice than I’ve ever experienced. When I ran for PPC in 2019, we were only 18 months old; I think we were treated unfairly, ”said Everaert.

“I think with the pandemic, people got a taste of what can happen if their freedom is threatened, and I think they want to make sure this doesn’t go on.

“I am pretty confident that the people of Sarnia-Lambton will elect me as their MP. They know that I can raise my voice and speak freely in the House of Commons. “

Everaert is a graduate of the two colleges Fanshawe and St. Clair as an industrial mill builder and journeyman as an iron worker. He is a member of Iron Workers Local 700 and currently works as a senior safety advisor at Nova’s new AST2 polyethylene facility in St. Clair Township.

His lifelong interest in politics inspired a provincial run for the Trillium Party and a mayoral candidacy in St. Clair Township in 2018.

“You can ask anyone who has known me all my life – politics was number one on my radar; it’s in my blood, ”said Everaert, an avid nature lover who owns a hobby farm in Wilkesport.

“I can not explain. I’ve always been attracted to politics and very interested in how the country works and making sure that we keep our freedoms and democracy healthy and up and running. “

Everaert said he had spent time with party leader Maxime Bernier at a number of freedom rallies across the province and said the PPC’s platform reads like it was “written for our riding.”

“[Bernier] knows that we have a unique experience with our oil and gas industry. He knows what we’re up against with climate alarmism and everything here.

“We don’t want a carbon tax, we don’t want the Paris Agreement… we believe in environmental protection, but we don’t believe in climate alarmism.

“We’re all about equality and being Canadian; We don’t believe in special interest groups – they more or less give them, ”he added.

“I look forward to it. I think I have a good chance, ”said Everaert. “We have a purple wave in town and riding, and we’re just getting started.”

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