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Create touchdown pages for conversations to enhance your PPC conversion charge by 50% to 200%.

In a nutshell, TARS is a bot, not a chatbot in the traditional sense, but a sophisticated piece of artificial intelligence with the sole purpose of returning lead, with an emphasis on improving productivity while minimizing waste.

Forms and static landing pages are the current status quo in the lead generation and query game, but are they the most effective strategy? The inevitable danger of leaving the bulk of the work in the hands of your valued customer is a relatively short-sighted way of generating high quality website leads. Customers find filling out time-consuming forms a deterrent when approaching a potential product or service online. So what’s the solution?

Having proven its effectiveness in influential global markets, TARS can improve your company’s lead generation and query rate by 25% to 200% using conversational landing pages. The advantage of the conversational model is that numerous exchanges of information take place in a fraction of the time it takes a potential customer to fill out a form. This in turn provides a more natural interaction so that all visitors to the website have a more positive experience with the product or service.

With TARS technology, an intelligent bot can answer potential questions and generate leads 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These bots allow you and your team to create pre-defined, targeted messages and preferred answers to questions to always get a clear and consistent message from your business while providing real-time information to current and prospective customers. The information gathered from these conversations can also be stored, creating a database from which the chatbot can learn, thereby enhancing further interactions with customers.

This revolutionary technology is the next must-have in your respective marketing strategies as it has proven to be an easy way to shorten sales cycles while delivering noticeable growth. Let us support you in qualifying your leads and make sure that your advertising expenses are used optimally.

Here are some of the uses TARS is useful for:

default Industry solutions Standard use case solutions
  • Finance and banking
  • insurance
  • Health care
  • education
  • Real estate
  • Legal advice
  • travel
  • HR and recruiting
  • Events
  • hospitality
  • Agency
  • automobile
  • Media and publication
  • B2B services
  • government
  • E-commerce
  • Lead generation
  • Customer service
  • education and training
  • Order and transaction
  • Product explainer
  • Event management
  • Feedback and survey
  • User intervention
  • Learn and develop

Check out our live conversation landing page and book a demo.

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