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Cyborggainz proclaims a model new podcast idea: weekly spherical desk skilled dialogue

Weekly expert discussion at the round table, moderated by Jean Fallacara

A bridge between a TV show, a podcast, and a radio show; Watch live or on demand and bring the best of all worlds in the broadcasting industry

No TV show, no podcast, not even a radio show; but it’s only the BEST of all worlds “

– Jean Fallacara

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, June 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Cyborggainz announced a brand new breed of science, sports communication, and social learning medium.

Broadcast of the ” Weekly Roundtable Expert Discussion ” live on the IGTV channel on Instagram @cyborggainz

On nutrition, DNA, biohacking, wellness, mindset, mental health, longevity, education, dietary supplements and biohacking,
“No TV show, no podcast, not even a radio show; but it’s just the BEST of all worlds, ”says Jean Fallacara, host and creator of this groundbreaking educational concept.

This is the place if you want to recharge your mind, improve your body on a cellular level, reach your peak performance, meditate, increase your energy levels, improve your focus, improve deep sleep, or just learn something new

The audience can watch the interactive discussions live every Wednesday at 12:00 noon (EST) on the Instagram platform, the show will remain available as a video to watch or listen to on the IGTV channel.

The series brings together global experts and technology inventors to offer a dialogue on the most current and relevant topics on various topics challenging our modern world.

World-renowned guest experts such as Vishal Gondal, Teemu Arina, Cindy Hovington, Tomas Eichler, Joey Thurman, Sanna Pindare, Gerardo Rossa, Elizabeth Abela, Amy Morin, Sonia Zarbatany, Dr. Patrick Porter, Shawn Wells, Sameer Sontakey, Alex Nekritin, Fiona Austin, Nick Coetzee, Marco Grosch, Patrick Samy, Marc Olivier Brouillette and many more have their valuable insights, their knowledge and their experiences already live without filters, without assembly, without cuts divided.

It reaches over 100,000 viewers per week and is still growing, “the audience is always inspired and walk away with actionable strategies,” says Jean Fallacara proudly

“Weekly expert discussion at the round table” is a concept by Cyborggainz Inc.
Social media link: https://www.instagram.com/cyborggainz/channel/
Moderator: Jean Fallacara

In cooperation with Biohackers Update Magazine

• Jean Fallacara: “A strong mind is the only weapon you need by your side” serial entrepreneur, author, biohacker, scientist, founder of several multi-million dollar success stories and inventor of the neuroscience Calisthenics ™. Jean was born in France with a disruptive mind and resourceful mindset. He helps people in innovative ways to achieve their mental, health and fitness goals: to use the power of the mind to achieve personal goals.
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Fallacara is currently CEO of Group Z-Science, COO of Biohackers Update magazine and CEO of CYBORGGAINZ, World’s 1st Human Optimization Program based on Neurosciences-

Communication manager
+1 514-240-1655
email us here

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