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Disney followers can stream songs from line queues thanks to those podcasts

If you’re a Disney fan, you likely have a favorite song from a Disney movie or TV series. But if you’re a Disney superfan, you also have a favorite tune from one of the queues in the parks. Both Disney World and Disneyland Resort play some of the most magical musical arrangements. This is designed to immerse guests in another world while waiting for rides or wandering the parks. Now Disney lovers can stream their favorite music from the queue for free.

Walt Disney World Resort | Jacqueline Nell / Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

Disney queues have some of the best music out there

For some people, it’s the audio loop and smell of musk when they enter Pirates of the Caribbean. For others, it’s the creepy noises and creepy images inside the gates of the Haunted Mansion. Other Disney lovers enjoy the Area Loops or the music that is played in a specific area of ​​the park, such as Frontierland or Fantasyland.

People appreciate the soundtracks of Disney attractions, including the music in line, for the nostalgia they evoke. Now there’s an easy way Disney fans can listen to queued music without setting foot in a Disney park.

Where can I stream the Sounds of Disney podcast?

The Sounds of Disney podcast contains over 80 episodes of music from Disney parks, rides, hotels, and other attractions. Dubbed “Your Source for Fully Immersive, Three-Dimensional Audio from Disney Parks,” the Sounds of Disney podcast promises to take listeners on an audio journey through the “wonderful sounds only available at Disney theme parks and Resorts can be found “. With episodes such as “Main Street Halloween”, “The Land Pavilion”, “Crystal Palace” and “Pandora” you will find Disney sounds for every taste in the podcast.

In addition, Disney park lovers can also find their favorite music in the queue at Sounds of Disneyland. Each playlist is curated by areas of the parks, driving genres, and more so you can easily find your favorite Disney parks music. For Disney World lovers, the Spotify Playlist Sounds of Disney World has all of your favorite Florida music.

Disney rides and theme park areas inspire the music for queues

According to All Ears, the music played in the Disney parks is carefully curated by imagineers. First and foremost, the music has to be appropriate depending on where it is played. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to hear German oompah music in EPCOT’s Norway pavilion.

With a focus on the theme of rides or parking areas, imagineers carefully curate a playlist with cheerful, inviting songs that put a smile on the guests’ faces.

If you love the sounds of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, this vintage record album from the Walt Disney archives features music from both resorts! Can you make out the melody of your favorite attraction? pic.twitter.com/7kOMZ1tq1O

– Walt Disney Archives (@TWDCArchives) April 15, 2020

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For example, the highly specialized music that can be heard in the Tomorrowland section of Disney World is mostly the sound of synthesizers. As All Ears points out, very few (if any) “traditional” instruments can be heard in these recordings. If you listen carefully, you might even hear “Strange Things” ?? from the Disney / Pixar 1995 film Toy Story.

Of course “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” ?? and “Now Is the Time” from the Carousel of Progress also play through the landscape of Tomorrowland.

What’s your favorite Disney Park song? Stream your favorites now.

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