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Do you keep in mind that Park Search engine optimisation Joon was cute in these four moments from Struggle For My Manner 10/10 as Ko Dong Man?

Fight for My Way is a classic must-see on K-Drama and features two top Korean actors, Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. Check out our PSJ Moments below!

It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely difficult to find a Korean culture fan who hasn’t fallen in love with Park Seo Joon. You may not start his dramas, but once you see it there is no going back. At 32, the actor was part of incredible shows that helped spread the Hallyu wave. He’s even part of a famous group of friends called the Wooga Squad and has won multiple awards for his talent!

Park Seo Joon plays in both films and dramas and is the man who has all the charms. He can turn any character from a fun neighbor to an aspiring cop to an entrepreneur. Fight for My Way was released back in 2017 and is considered a definite classic. His character Ko Dong Man was paired with Kim Ji Wons Choi Ae Ra and showed perfect chemistry. The show revolves around four best friends who live across from each other and struggle to achieve their dreams. You cross a thorny path and the judgment of society. The leads, Dong Man and Ae Ra, naturally fall in love and the show is super adorable from start to finish.

So here we are, listing moments when Park Seo Joons Ko Dong Man stole our hearts.

The very first hug

This was the scene in which we saw Ko Dong Man’s need for attention, and possibly the first indication that this “friendship” is more than that. Ae Ra encourages him not to give up his dreams and he gets all the tears in his eyes and reaches for her by the stomach, wrapping his arms around her and crying. He even demands a little petting from Ae Ra, which she reluctantly consented to. It is also the first time Dong Man tells Ae Ra to just be with him and not to go around others and get hit. The seed of love is planted!

When he pretended to sleep on the bus

Dong Man and Ae Ra have been best friends for 20 years and live across from each other. By now they know almost everything about both of them. When Dong Man returns home, he sees Ae Ra getting on the bus. With the bus full, he knew Ae Ra would try to get him to give up his seat so that he would pretend he was sleeping. Just for Ae Ra to kick him first and then block his nose so he finally gets up! He wakes up with “Hey, you crazy idiot!” Ae Ra’s smile and Dong Man’s frustration after giving her the bus made us see him again twice!

He goes backwards on Ae Ra UNO

In one scene before they meet, they are standing in front of their door and Ae Ra sweetly jokes him to sleep well. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. But she ends that with a light beating that numbs Dong Man a little. Without thinking he walks UN backwards, beats up Ae Ra and runs hastily to his house!

Hide Ae Ra from the world, especially when it is crying

Park Seo Joon’s portrayal of Ko Dong Man was incredible to say the least. His character was particularly radiant in serious scenes in which he showed how much Dong Man was interested in Ae Ra. Twice on the show, when Ae Ra got stuck about how she lost because she got so close to her dream, she cried her heart out. And Dong Man knew she didn’t like it when people saw her cry. In one scene he held up his jacket on one side and wrapped his arm around her shoulder to protect her. cover her completely and let her cry as much as she wants by wrapping her in his arms.

If you haven’t seen the show, we highly recommend that you watch it. If so, it won’t hurt to look again!

Tell us about your favorite Ko Dong Man moments in Fight for My Way below!

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