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Embedded movies have the identical search engine optimization worth as uploaded content material

Google’s John Mueller says that when it comes to SEO, there is no difference between embedded videos and videos natively uploaded to a website.

This topic was raised several times during Google Search Central’s SEO office hours on January 29th.

Saidul Hoque, SEO Manager at RealClicks, first asked a series of questions about video SEO. One of these questions concerns Google’s perception of embedded content compared to self-hosted content.

Hoque asks: “Is there a difference between embedding and uploading a video from an SEO perspective?”

Mueller’s answer is clear and straightforward, but it clashes with more general beliefs about SEO and embedded videos.

An SEO named Robb Young brings this up minutes later and Mueller explains how Google is currently showing video results in search.


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Google’s John Mueller on video SEO

When asked if it’s better to host your own videos than embed them from other sources, Müller says that Google treats both of them equally when it comes to SEO.

Mueller brings up the fact that websites that host their own videos are often served from a separate CDN (Content Delivery Network). Technically, this is a separate website and is no different from an embedded video.

At the end of the day, this is mostly about getting the content properly indexed and making sure that users are happy with the experience. If both concerns are met, everything is fine from Google’s perspective.

“It’s essentially the same. It is very common that you have a separate CDN (content delivery network) for videos, for example, and technically this is a separate website. If we think this works for your users and your content is properly accessible for indexing, then that’s perfectly fine. “


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Contrary to popular belief …

After Müller gave the above answer, a corresponding question is asked a few minutes later.

Robb Young mentions to Mueller that hosting your own videos is better because your pages can appear when you search for the video. If the website embeds videos from YouTube, YouTube will appear as the source for the content.

“Isn’t that still the case?” Asks Young.

This week we get our first “it depends” from Müller. He says Google could either return the YouTube landing page in search results or the webpage that the video is embedded on

If the page that the video is embedded on has more information, then Google can provide it through the YouTube page as this is considered more useful to searchers.

On the other hand, if the YouTube landing page contains more ranking signals and more relevant information for people, this will be displayed during the search.

It may happen that Google serves the YouTube page through a page with an embedded video, but this is not automatically the case.

“It depends on whether. With YouTube, you have two video landing pages. You have the landing page on Youtube and you have the landing page on your website. We need to figure out which of these pages to display, and it can happen that we display your website as a landing page for video results just because we may have more information there.

We may also display the YouTube landing page because we have more signals or information there. In this case, the YouTube landing page will not be displayed automatically.

Some other video sharing platforms have their own landing pages that they create automatically. Some video hosting platforms don’t do this at all. Essentially, that’s up to you. “


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Hear the full discussion in the video below:

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