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Empower, Search engine marketing Hee Ham sees herself as a favourite within the Atomic Weight Grand Prix

Seo Hee Ham finally made her advertising debut for ONE Championship on the Empower card on Friday.

It didn’t go exactly smoothly, but the South Korean veteran (24-8) moved forward in the Women’s Atomic Weight Grand Prix.

Ham fought in a very close match with Denice Zamboanga and apparently lost the first round. As the fight progressed, things got tighter until an accidental clash of heads causing a nasty cut on Zamboanga stopped the action in the third for a long period of time.

Just when it looked like the action would be called early, the fight was allowed to continue. The third round could have gone either way; Of course, in ONE Championship fights are scored as a whole, not round by round.

“At no point in the fight did I think I would lose. At any point in the fight, ”Ham said after the fight, speaking to media outlets like Cageside Press. “Because if you know the rules of the ONE Championship, I think they are a little different from the global rules. Let’s put it in takedowns or the clinch, it didn’t advance its position, it wasn’t really effective. As for the damage and all that, I think I clearly won. “

Next comes one from Stamp Fairtex, Ritu Phogat or Itsuki Hirata for Ham. Ham doesn’t seem to have a preference.

“I never really thought about who I wanted for the semifinals. I just want to compete with as many athletes as possible so that I can gain more experience, ”she said on Friday. “I just want to experience more of this ONE Championship Circle.”

Before Friday’s Empower card, Ham’s confidence was on display. After winning her commercial debut, the former ROAD FC and RIZIN champion believes she is the favorite for the future.

“Always. My self-confidence is always the same and I am always confident about every fight.”

Check out the full ONE: Empower press release after Seo Hee Ham’s fight above.

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