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Fulfill your responsible joys with these terrifying podcasts About True Crime – Movie Every day

In the world of podcasts, by far the most popular genres have to be the real crime podcasts. It must be. Something about hearing a person or people talking about crime is compelling (and oddly enough, comforting? Is that weird?). You listen to murder folding laundry, exercising, or driving. In any case, there is no shortage of great podcasts about real crime to listen to.

But which one should you check out now? What are the hidden gems in the world of true crime podcasts for you to explore? There are so many podcasts out there about real crime. Are you missing something? Fortunately we are here at Film Daily Chances are you’re listening to an unhealthy amount of real crime podcasts. Here are some great hidden gems to check out!

Countdown to crime

Organized by Morbid Co-hosts Ash & Alaina, Countdown to crime is simple yet great. Over the course of 30-40 minute episodes, Ash & Alaina lists the top 10 cases in a given category, counting from number 10 to the ever-surprising number 1 as determined by the Parcast Research Gods (™). It’s nice, bite-sized piece of real crime information when you don’t have the energy for an episode that lasts more than an hour.

Categories in this true crime podcast included cults, unsolved murders of a specific decade or year, last meals of convicts on death row, haunted murder locations, cannibals, and more. It’s always interesting to hear which cases fall into which categories. And the list has a mix of known and lesser-known cases, making it a must-have for your commute.

Rotten mango

Moderated by Stephanie Soo & “her mysterious partner in crime”, Rotten mango is described as “a true crime + all that scary podcast. We love to delve deep into the darkest crimes and we tend not to leave out any details – which can get a bit fishy at times. “The episodes usually last about an hour or so, which means it can be a bit time consuming.

But the jokes between Soo and her co-host are great. All in all with over 60 episodes, Rotten mango is still a relatively new podcast on true crime, but the cases it covers are wide and varied. Our favorite episode is about the cheerleading mom and her attempt to hire a killer to kill the mom of her daughter’s rival, which is absolutely insane.

Counter clock

The investigative journalist Delia D’Ambra delves into a new case every season. The first season dealt with the mysterious unsolved murder of Denise Johnson on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Season 2 of Counter clock delved into the Stacey Stanton case and if the man convicted of her murder was really the one who actually committed the crime.

When you’re ready for a hardcore binge, listen, Counter clock released all over 20 episodes of its third season a few weeks ago. This brings us to the Prom Night Murders of Indiana, where most of the Pelley family was massacred and son Jeff Pelley was jailed for death. However, D’Ambra discovers new knowledge in season 3 of Counter clock that calls everything into question.


Sometimes the economic crimes are the worst crimes. Every season, Cheated covers a multitude of criminals who lie, cheat, embezzle, and destroy people’s lives to make money. Or a story is woven about a good person who, unfortunately, is caught up in such terrible tragedies. The anonymous host, A Concerned Citizen, is well-informed in all the right places and dryly funny.

The episodes can range from 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on the topic. Rather than a weekly release, A Concerned Citizen releases the episodes in seasons of bi-weekly releases, covering topics such as the Walkerton E. Coli outbreak, corrupt NBA umpire Tim Donaghy, the success of R. Budd Dwyer, and the 9/11 fake survivor , Tania, treat head.

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