Google Analytics filters bot visitors from app + internet properties


When updating to Google Analytics, bot traffic is automatically filtered out of reports for Web + App properties.

“In the app + web properties, the data traffic from bots and spiders is automatically excluded. This ensures that your analytics data doesn’t include events from known bots as much as possible. “

This message was first shared by Charles Farina on Twitter:

New feature: bot filtering just started for @googleanalytics app + web properties.

In contrast to the current GA, bot filtering is automatically applied in the App + Web properties and cannot be deactivated.

– Charles Farina (@CharlesFarina) June 29, 2020

Google identifies bot traffic based on a combination of in-house research and the list of international spiders and bots maintained by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).


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The automatic filtering of bot traffic from the Web + App properties is now enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Google finds that website owners cannot see how much bot traffic has been excluded.

There is no mention of why Google suddenly decides to reduce bot traffic for Web + App properties.

Nor did Google specify why website owners can’t see how much bot traffic these properties are receiving.

Filtering bot traffic by default, with no website owners having to choose anything else, is a remarkable contrast to the way bot filtering is handled for other GA properties.

If your Google Analytics account has a Web + App property, make a note about switching to bot automatic filtering.


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Bot filtering in Google Analytics

Bot filtering is available for regular web properties in Google Analytics. However, website owners must enable this setting manually.

Website owners can also set up separate views in Google Analytics to compare their data with and without bot traffic.

Google tends to be more transparent about bot traffic and gives website owners the flexibility to filter it based on their preferences.

For more information on how to filter bot traffic in Google Analytics, see our guide:

What are Web + App Properties?

The Web + App properties in Google Analytics are relatively new and were only introduced last summer.

They are specially designed for websites that also have mobile apps. They are used to track users’ journeys across the two platforms.

The features of Web + App allow website owners to measure data across their app and website in one place. The properties can support up to 50 data streams across apps, websites and web apps in a single property.

This data can be used, for example, to see how many users launched your app and then visited your website to make a purchase.

Website owners can also use Web + App Properties to quickly compare how users interact with their app versus their website.


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Or, simply rely on GA’s automated insights, which use machine learning to identify key trends and anomalies in data.

Before these features were introduced, website owners had to use multiple products to measure engagement from apps and websites. Now everything can be done in Google Analytics.

Depending on how many streams you have connected to a property, the difference in traffic without bots can be significant.

So keep this in mind as you analyze data month after month.

Source: Google Analytics Help