Google Data Panel with month-to-month prices for search engine optimisation and different companies


If you are looking for [seo] If you look at the knowledge pane to the right, you will see a section that says “Monthly Cost: $ 2819 per month”. That links to an SEO company’s SEO package page, but it looks like the monthly cost of SEO is that fee, regardless of which company you hire.

Here is a screenshot:

The Knowledge Panel pulls this data in because the featured snippet for this query came from this site. That’s the interesting part.

The sad and scary part is that you all know that the monthly cost of SEO can be huge and Google is showing that this is simply wrong for this or any other service. I reported it to Google a few days ago but I still see it.

This was discovered by Praveen Sharma on Twitter and he was able to search on it as well. see [ppc] and other inquiries.

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