Greatest WordPress Google Analytics plugins of 2021


Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins

If you are looking to grow your online business, or just your digital presence, you cannot ignore your website’s analytics. You can connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics, but then you need to understand all the data that comes in your way now.

Thankfully, there are a number of plugins that are designed to do just that – and we’ve rounded up five of the best out there.


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1. Analyze

The a la carte approach to analytics

Reasons to buy

+Customizable pricing structure+Clear results straight from the WordPress dashboard

Analytify is a very popular Google Analytics plugin. You can view all the data in your WordPress dashboard which is very convenient. The data can be viewed for your entire website or broken down for each published page and post.

Add-ons are available to improve the information you get. For example, there are campaigns that let you track your stats in real time when you see which social media site is generating your traffic. WooCommerce gives you improved ecommerce tracking (for your WooCommerce account) even if you hit “Add to Cart” and know where your visitors came from.

Prices start at $ 39 for the personal option (i.e. 1 website). Add-ons increase the price, but at least you can only pay for the features you need. Bundles (i.e. discounts) are also offered based on popular groupings. If you manage more than one site, you can choose Business (3) for $ 69, Agency (10) for $ 99, and Developer (100) for $ 199.


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2. ExactMetrics

A popular analytics plugin for professionals

Reasons to buy

+Extremely thorough and thorough

ExactMetrics prides itself on having a million active installs of their plugin, and it comes as no surprise to see how thorough and thorough the data is being gathered for you.

As with Analytify, everything is done through your WordPress dashboard. The plugin allows you to check your website or view individual posts or pages, including e-commerce tracking. View page views, bounce rates, mobile analytics statistics, and social media traffic. All of this is done through a variety of detailed reports.

This kind of thoroughness comes at a price, although at the moment it is available at a 50% discount. The cheapest option is Plus for $ 99.50 per year. The biggest limitation is that you can only use it on one site. Next up are Pro ($ 199.50 / year – 5 sites including ecommerce reports), Agency ($ 399.50 / year – 25 sites), and finally, Need More Sites? ($ 699.50 / year – 100 websites).


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3. Google Analytics from 10Web

The Analytics plugin that is included in the bundle

Reasons to buy

+Good design and value+Affordable

As with the other plugins, with 10Web’s Google Analytics you can access all tracking data through your WordPress dashboard and get statistics about your target audience and their demographic data. The reports can be displayed in line, pie and column charts as desired. As with the others, you can generate reports for individual pages and posts. There is also ecommerce tracking, as well as Adsense and Google Ads integration.

The pricing is different from Analytify and ExactMetrics as the cost includes the 10Web bundle (you can choose 15 premium plugins and 35 plugin extensions from the catalog for price). Even if you pay six months (for Basic and Standard) or annually (for Advanced), you can still use the plugins if you no longer want to pay. You will not receive any support or updates. The basic cost is $ 85 (semi-annually – 3 locations), Standard $ 100 (semi-annual – 30 locations), and Advanced $ 150 (annually – 30 locations).


(Image credit: MonsterInsights)

4. MonsterInsights

The most popular analytics plugin

Reasons to buy

+Comprehensive and thorough+Abundance of data+Detailed reports

MonsterInsights is an incredibly popular analytics plugin that is currently used by over two million professionals to track the performance of their websites.

Everything is broken down so you can analyze your visitors by country, gender, device, etc. You can keep an eye on affiliate links and ad tracking, get access to advanced ecommerce tracking, and like the others, get general information about your visitors whole site or focus on specific pages, any complaints about GDPR and other privacy regulations .

There are three plans on offer that are currently 50% off. Pricing starts with Plus for $ 99.50 per year for a single website, Pro is $ 199.50 per year and includes ecommerce tracking and 5 websites. Agency costs $ 399.50 per year and can be used on up to 25 websites.


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5. WPFlow

An analytics plugin that keeps things simple

Reasons to buy

+Simplified analysis+Beginner friendly

WPFlow (formerly WP Google Analytics Events) is a little different and offers simple tracking information, but isn’t as comprehensive as the others on this list. It’s a good plugin for seeing in real time what your visitors are up to on your website, what they are clicking on, and how much they are scrolling through your page. A nice feature is the ability to keep track of when they play an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video, or even when they pause it. It is a simple form of analysis for those who are not in full control of others.

Prices start at $ 79 per year for the personal plan – which includes support for a single website, but also an interesting YouTube and Vimeo tracking feature. The business costs $ 149 per year for 5 websites, and developers are $ 199 per year for up to 20 websites.