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Group Highlight: A dialog with Milton’s PPC candidate Shibli Haddad

He never saw himself in politics.

But this is where Shibli Haddad has found himself lately as he appears to be Milton’s next MP for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

Haddad was able to take some time from his campaign speed run to talk to us. He says when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the elections last month, he started looking through the Milton candidates. After a while he realized that there was still no candidate for the PPC in Milton.

That didn’t suit the software developer. He claims to be someone who, when the job isn’t done, goes out and does it himself. He contacted the party and put his name in the name, and now finds himself one of five people running for the appointment of the next representative of the House of Commons in Milton.

When he talks about his campaign, he says it’s more about awareness than anything else.


This is only the second general election for the PPC. First launched by party leader Maxime Bernier in the run-up to the last federal election in 2019, Haddad says that the platform really met him personally – and adds that he likes to cheer on the outsider. He says Bernier and the party are involved in the fight against Canadian idealism. When he talks about his election campaign instead of listing what he specifically fought for, he often calls back to the party’s platform and says that residents can learn more about what the party is fighting for there. Here is a link.

There is one subject that he addresses: vaccination records. On Wednesday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced a new vaccine certification system for the province. The system will become active on Wednesday, September 22nd. Proof of vaccination is required for indoor restaurants, gyms, theaters and concerts; however, it is not needed for patios or retail.

Haddad says he has heard from many local residents who are unsure about this system because they believe it could create a sense of segregation. He notes that many residents feel bullied because of their political beliefs, especially if it is not a popular opinion. When he talks about the idea of ​​a vaccination card, he describes himself as the potential voice of the voiceless – on behalf of those who feel they cannot express their opinions openly.


It is important to note that starting from Wednesday September 1st, the Halton Region reported 89,824 fully vaccinated residents in Milton. The latest census statistic lists Milton’s population at 110,128. While this number should be treated with caution given Milton’s steady and rapid growth, only residents 12 and older can receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ultimately, he only hopes that it will be preserved. He wants political conservation to take place without stigma or condemnation as he feels that many people in Milton and across the country are not hearing their concerns.

There are still just under three weeks in the federal election campaign. Haddad says that despite the brief preparation for the big day, he was still late in the race. He’s only got two weeks into his campaign, but he’s focused on building awareness of the PPC. He hopes local residents who feel alienated from major political parties will turn to the PPC platform.

You can contact Haddad by email at hi@shiblihaddadppc.ca. You can also learn more about Haddad, register as a volunteer, and request a lawn sign. by checking out his website.

Haddad is running against incumbent Milton MP Adam of Köverden (Liberal Party), Nadeem Akbar (Conservative Party), Muhammad Riaz Sahi (NDP) and allegedly Chris Kowalchuk (Greens). I’m still working on how to contact Riaz Sahi for more coverage and the Greens to learn more about their candidate. More coverage of Akbar and the Conservative Party is also a goal.

The general election is on Monday, September 20th.

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