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Hero Visitor appoints in Advertising and marketing whom we belief as a Google Analytics companion

E-learning organization Hero guest has named In Marketing We Trust as a Google Analytics partner agency.

Marketing We Trust is implementing a new Google Analytics 4 integration for the Academia del Futuro digital educational app for children by Hero Guest.

Paul Hewett, trading partner at In Marketing We Trust, said, “We are very excited to be working with Hero Guest and Academia del Futuro. We have a lot of experience working with educational platforms. “

“As a top Google partner, we are excited about the new advances in Google Analytics. The team had a lot of fun implementing a new Google Analytics 4 solution. We’re excited to help the Academia del Futuro team make more data-driven decisions due to the new implementation. “

Education is an important industry for In Marketing We Trust as it has worked with many online and offline educators including Open Colleges, SIMTICS and Online Courses Australia. Elementary education is a natural next step.

Ilana Bielak, Managing Director: Marketing, Hero Guest and Academia del Futuro, said, “By partnering with In Marketing We Trust, Academia del Futuro will gain the business visibility needed to make data-driven decisions by building our cross-channel and internal Take full advantage of app marketing strategies. “

“The ability to measure and understand how our campaigns are impacting and how user flow is being used within our website and apps is crucial for us to improve on a daily basis and to ensure that our primary education app for Kinder is always there and learns everything about the needs of our users. “

According to Benoit Weber, Head of Analytics at In Marketing We Trust, Hero Guest is the perfect customer for the new Google Analytics 4 property type.

“We will unify three streams on a single property so that Hero Guest can get a cross-platform data union and full visibility of its customer journey from capture on the website to activation in the apps.”

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