High podcasts to take heed to


From Fast Company contributor 33m ago

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There are so many podcasts out there now that the listening options available can be overwhelming. Afraid of missing out on a great podcast or episode? We were there too.

We have recommendations for people looking for the best tech, business, and innovation music. If you’re an Apple nerd, curious about Bitcoin, intrigued by the demolition culture, or itching to catch up on the GameStop frenzy, check out these five great podcasts.

MacBreak weekly

This podcast brought to you by This Week in Tech is a great way to keep up with all of Mac news in general. This week, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is broken down in case you’re looking for a full debrief.

The connection and friends

Popular finance manager Josh Brown is hosting this relaunched podcast, which is now a free running finance roundtable chat show. Imagine having broadly enlightened financial brothers talking about bitcoin mania, the real estate market, and more. The podcast offers good prospects from people who are rooted in the traditional financial world but are open and curious about everything that is happening in the financial world.

To the moon

This multi-part podcast miniseries from The Wall Street Journal and Gimlet shows what the hell happened to GameStop in 2021. If you’re still confused about how a Reddit forum disrupted Wall Street, look no further.