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Hong Eun Hee romant Search engine marketing Do Jin in “Revolutionary Sisters” and followers handed out

Scenes in the K-Drama universe got hot when new stills from the show “Revolutionary Sisters” were released, in which lead actors Hong Eun Hee and Seo Do Jin hugged. Fans reacted instantly to the sight of their favorite stars’ intimacy on screen, and the stills went viral.

The show’s unique plot is a mix of multiple genres including mystery, suspense, romance and humor. It revolves around a family whose members are suspected of murdering the mother during her divorce proceedings.

Fans who don’t want spoilers should stop reading now. Because we are about to reveal details about the show. For example, in the last episode, Lee Gwang Nam [Hong Eun Hee] was steady for Hwang Chun Gil. like [Seo Do Jin]who actively courted her. When Lee struggled, Hwang secretly helped Lee pay for her ballet lessons. He encouraged her by saying, “You can lean on me,” which tells the audience a lot about their growing affection.

Subsequently, when he went outside to take a call with Lee over lunch, he said to a caller, “Don’t rush me. Everything has an order so wait. ‘ The characters are seen in a penthouse romantically adoring each other in the latest stills in the series. Lee, in the picture, is stunned by the grandeur of the apartment. On the other hand, Hwang grins sweetly behind her.

In the middle of their conversation, Hwang confesses his feelings for Lee and holds her sympathetically before agreeing to kiss. As the duo’s new romance blossoms, however, fans wonder about Hwang’s motives behind his actions and whether Lee would forget Bae Byun Hun [ Choi Dae Chul].

The show’s creators stated that the duo’s performances complement the characters of Lee and Hwang perfectly. They also manage to give the show a new atmosphere.

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