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How RTTS / Ballplayer improves narration with podcasts

This week’s MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere focused solely on Road to the Show, which is now synonymous with Ballplayer, as you can also record your created player in Diamond Dynasty. Sony San Diego has made some huge improvements to RTTS / Ballplayer, but one of the ones I’m most excited about is adding more emphasis to the story.

In previous games, your created player’s progress and achievements in Road to the Show were largely ignored. Sure, there would be fake tweets acknowledging some accomplishments, but for the most part it didn’t feel overwhelming. When your player did something amazing like “hit 100 home runs” or “pitch some perfect games” it felt like it went unnoticed.

In MLB The Show 21, improvements were made to your ball player’s narration. There is tremendous emphasis on your player’s influence on the baseball world. This narrative is experienced in an in-game podcast with fictional analysts talking about your progress, your achievements, and even your struggles.

Minor league baseball sports caster Ben Gellman-Chomsky actually helped write the various narratives in Road to the Show, which he believes dynamically adapt to your player’s performance. In other words, it’s entirely possible that you won’t watch every narrative podcast in just one pass.

“Because everyone wants to play their own way, the episodes you watch will dynamically adapt to your performance and experience,” said Ben Gellman-Chomsky, who featured on this week’s premiere video.

Gellman-Chomsky actually plays a fictional version of himself in the game. He will host a Road to the Show podcast and track your player’s progress up the ladder. These podcasts will also feature guest presenters offering baseball advice and stories from their own careers.

Next generation systems (PS5 / Xbox SEries X) feature video podcasts in full motion, while on PS4 / Xbox One they are available in audio format. In addition to Create a Ballpark, this is another exclusive next-generation feature.

As your career progresses, you will find that bigger names and networks cover your ball player, including Robert Flores and MLB Network. A total of 180 episodes were recorded for Road to the Show, but again you won’t see them all in one go as they are dynamically presented based on your choices.

I’ve always enjoyed Road to the Show on MLB The Show. That added narrative focus is just one more step in delivering a fully comprehensive package.

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