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Important listening for the 2021 season: the most effective AFL podcasts

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – JULY 15: A Sherrin soccer ball is pictured on the Adelaide Oval from the south end prior to the AFL round 17 game between the Port Adelaide Power and the North Melbourne Kangaroos at the Adelaide Oval on July 15, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia . (Photo by Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images)

The 2021 season is now in sight, which means the excitement will build as we wind our way through February and early March. Indeed, when a long and hot Australian summer takes its final arc, attention turns to the great game of the Aussie Rules.

Still, it feels like a lifetime ago, as Richmond defeated Geelong and won the Grand Final in Brisbane. The Gabba finale was unique for many different reasons, but perhaps no more than the fact that it dropped the curtain on the most peculiar time of the year.

The AFL showpiece of 2021 is evolving into an affair we have become far more accustomed to with the final proposition to return to the MCG, which has signed a contract to host the event through the end of 2058. It seems plausible that they could be in any final by then, having won titles and three major finals in a row over the past four years. Aussie Rules bets rate Richmond as a favorite For more cutlery in 2021, but with a new season, another team has another chance to fly its flag.

For the Tiger Army AF # AFLGF #gotiges pic.twitter.com/4xIyU7A4sM

– Richmond FC @ (@Richmond_FC) October 24, 2020

As we count down the weeks to the start of footy season and prepare for a blockbuster season, we ask ourselves the crucial question: what should AFL fans hear about podcasts during the season? Who can fans rely on to bring them informative content that is tastefully delivered?

There is no better place than that The league’s official podcast is called the AFL Exchange This is available in all major podcast apps. The AFL exchange is informative and entertaining and brings all the core topics of the current season to the point. With an average running time of around 42 minutes, it is perfect for everyday commuting and is great for getting your attention. In a world where podcasts typically drag on for an hour and even longer, the AFL exchange shows a rare awareness of how long the attention span is likely to be.

Summer Sessions 🥵 🔥 #GeelongStrong pic.twitter.com/s9Tw02QMF2

– Geelong Cats (@GeelongCats) January 29, 2021

No AFL season is ever complete without participating in a fantasy league. When the points dry up and they do, we all need a bit of help with our choices from time to time. Thankfully, there is the AFL Fantasy, SuperCoach, and Ultimate Footy Draft Podcast to help you out. Indeed, this is a podcast designed to help you win your league. So don’t look into a gift horse’s mouth and listen to it. As we know, being crowned champion of a particular fantasy league is legitimate currency.

Other notable podcasts are Footy Week, 2 Guys 1 AFL Cup, and Fox Footy Podcasts.

So there you have it, the must-have list of podcasts for soccer fans everywhere. You will be out of date, lacking opinion or fantasy points listening to these recommended AFL podcasts.

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