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Innovation chain North goes via a digital transformation with web optimization work

Framework for construction services from Great Places Housing Groups Innovation Chain North (ICN) has started a digital transformation project with the award-winning digital agency The SEO Works.

The partnership, which began over a year ago, includes several projects that will help change the face of the framework. The first was the launch of a brand new ICN marketing website designed and served by the web team at The SEO Works.

The most recent project, however, is the most complex of starting a complete portal for the framework. This was created by the award-winning web design and development team and will be the new home for supplier selection, tenders and all documentation for ICN. This saves hundreds of man hours for both users and customers.

Helen Spencer, Director of Development at Great Places, commented on the ongoing partnership:

We selected The SEO Works for their experience in our industry and the quality of the response to our assignment. Together with the ICN team, they helped deliver a world class website and portal that transformed the customer and supplier experience with a host of new features. ”

The online message forms, live project view and profile pages give our customers even greater control in managing their ICN framework accounts. We know that feedback based on feedback is a welcome addition.

Graham Jones, The SEO Works Web Team Leader, added, We are very excited to see the key projects in these partnerships live. The portal was one of our most ambitious web projects to date and was very happy about Great Places and ICN entrusted us with such an exciting project. We were proud to have delivered something very special to them.

As there are other projects in the partnership, both parties are looking forward to an exciting and successful future. The news marks another exciting date for the award-winning web team at The SEO Works.

The SEO Works specializes in SEO, PPC, Web, and Paid Social Advertising and has clients including; Decathlon, Rab, Mondaine, Weldricks Pharmacy, NHS and Denby Pottery

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