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L2L (Leading2Lean) welcomes high-growth SaaS chief as Chief Government Officer | information

BOSTON, March 25, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – L2L, a leading software provider for digital production and maintenance solutions for manufacturers on the factory floor, announced today John Davagian joined the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and member of the Board of Directors. Davagian is a seasoned business leader with a strong background driving the growth of the SaaS company. He will succeed the co-founder and CEO Keith Barr who has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of L2L since its inception.

Davagian brings a wealth of experience driving revenue growth, scaling operations, and leading high performing teams. Most recently, Davagian served as chief revenue officer for Salsify, a product experience platform that empowers manufacturers, and led the company to significant customer and revenue growth during his tenure. Before joining Salsify, he held senior positions at TimeTrade and Brainshark, where he also developed and managed high-growth SaaS companies.

“With John leading the way, L2L will continue to add value to our customers,” he says Keith Barr. “His leadership skills, combined with M33 Growth’s recent investments, will be instrumental in fulfilling our mission to bring real-time digitization and greater efficiency in the factory to manufacturers around the world.” Co-founder, Tyler Whitaker and Bob ArgyleTogether with the board of directors, we sincerely thank Barr for his dedication and successful service to L2L and wish him all the best for his retirement.

As demonstrated by the record growth of L2L by 2020 and the strong start into 2021, there is an accelerated need for digitization, higher efficiency and far visibility for manufacturers. For L2L’s customers, the creation of digital operations processes that result in continuous improvements in operational availability, quality and cost reduction has resulted in better year-over-year results, further demonstrating the value of L2L’s manufacturing software solutions in the marketplace.

“I am very excited to be joining this fantastic team as L2L moves into the next phase of growth,” said Davagian. “Modern automation and intelligent technologies are transforming traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, delivering significant efficiencies and improvements throughout the plant. With hundreds of customers, L2L is supporting this massive digital transformation for manufacturers focused on continuous improvement.”

More information about L2L can be found at http://www.L2L.com

To link to the press release, visit https://www.l2l.com/press/chief-executive-officer

About Leading2Lean (L2L)

Established in 2010, L2L offers manufacturers a Lean Execution System software platform. It has built-in and easy-to-use lean tools that allow operators and managers to use real-time data to uncover and resolve basic problems that lead to metric errors, while creating a sustainable crop soil culture with continuous improvement. More information is available at http://www.L2L.com.

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Trent Maw, L2L, +1 (801) 388-7523, Trent@L2L.com


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